Little Tikes Toys and Games for Christmas!

As you think about Christmas presents for the kids in your life, make sure you check out Little Tikes! They are constantly coming out with new products for all ages, including some new games and a drone!

My First Drone

This is the perfect gift for a 4 year old or older child, especially one that loves all things flying! The Drone is large enough for little hands and easy to control. It charges off the remote, which uses 6 AAs. (Have batteries on hand!). It flies nicely, about 4 feet high, and makes appropriate noises. The Drone is much like the My First Flyer, which we also love. The blades are a bit flimsy and do smart a little if you get hit by them. Overall a super fun toy for learning how to fly a drone!

Waffle Blocks – Fire & Rescue

Waffle blocks are great toys for preschool through elementary school! Build by the instructions or make anything you want! My 4 year old spends hours a day playing with our selection, and his new favorite set is the Fire & Rescue because he loves everything fireman related! These are my absolute #1 recommendation for the creative preschooler in your life!

Crazy Toaster Game

Simple fun for preschoolers and up! This cute and crazy plastic toaster shoots 4 pieces of “toast” into the air for kids to catch in little plastic pans. Then match your toasts to your placement to win. It’s great for coordination, persistence, and matching skills. And no batteries! It’s actually quite difficult to catch the toast though, and sometimes it bounces right out of the pan, so be patient and just have fun. Load up all the toast and get ready to be silly! 
Our toaster stopped working after about 20 minutes of play. It got stuck in the down position. Little Tikes sent me a new one, no fuss. Then I got brave and opened up the back of the broken one, slightly opened the white spring/gear box, hear a pop and suddenly it worked again. No problems since then. 

Crazy Blender Game

A fun gift for a 5 or 6 year old, this game involves matching and dropping cards in a blender until they fly back at you. Surprisingly, quite a few cards can fit before one flies back out if you put them in well. My kids love just shoving the cards in, but technically they are supposed to put in a card where the first half of the card matches the end of the card before. Like dominoes, with a blender. Our blender is bound to find it’s way into other fun around the house too! The whole thing is pretty wiggly, so it helps to have an adult hold the base, or just laugh at it wiggling all over. 

Farm Memory Match-up

This game is great for 3 and 4 year olds! Each animal has two halves that hide under hay bales. Uncover two matches to make a whole animal. The one with the most animals win! Then use the animals and hay bales plus some imagination to play farm! This is a super cute version of a memory game!

Hot Hoops

The mini basketball game can be played with one or two. Find the right strength to hit the hoop and score as many baskets as you can. Twist the hoops to drop the scored balls into the other side or back to your own. The balls store underneath and the sides fold up to make it portable. It’s similar to a game I remember playing as a child and I’m excited to go one-on-one with my kids!
I received the above toys to experience with my family for this post. Opinions are 100% my own. My kids love our Little Tikes toys, with the Waffle Blocks being our absolute favorite toy currently. Check out Little Tikes online as well as on Facebook and Twitter for more!

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