Why my Husband will Never own a Motorcycle:

January 23, 2012

Before my husband and I met, he was kind of… a ‘bad boy’.  You wouldn’t guess it looking at him today – and in fact, most people are shocked at me when I tell them that when him and I met – he had long(er) blonde hair…

This was us when we were first dating – about two months after we started dating in fact…

imageI know this is a TERRIBLE quality photo – but unfortunately it went through many old sources of digitry… (yes I just made that word up..)

When we met – his driving record was… awful.

There’s no other way to put it.

He owned a motorcycle before we met – but couldn’t afford to keep the insurance on it.. because of all of his ‘naughtiness’ in it.


It took us the first five years of our marriage dealing with getting his driving record clean and our insurance down below $400/month.

Yet –

He tells me every spring and pretty much any really nice weathered day that he misses having a motorcycle… Also usually in the summer he talks about how much cheaper it would be to fill his gas tank if he had a motorcycle.

I always shake my head and remind him of this terrible driving record.  I mean – the man has a hard enough time keeping the speed limit in our car – let alone in a motorcycle!

I imagine therefore, that it would NOT be cheaper to have a motorcycle.

He made the mistake of telling me about his motorcycle and how he drove it on long trips through several states often times going crazy speeds and even having had a high-speed chases with his friends and the cops which involved road spikes – and having to spend a few days in jail.image

To that my husband responds that he’s not going to be that crazy any more – and I truly do trust him – but I’d hate to have to get a phone call that he was in an accident and have to hire a motorcycle accident attorney just to get through all the information.

He says that he’d like to drive round and round the cloverleaves in the sun – just to feel the breeze.


I know that he thinks that he’s ‘better’ than all the other drivers on the road – and I do believe that he’s a great driver in comparison to others – but it’s only because he’s a very defensive driver.  He avoids accidents and responds appropriately to the situations – which I am always thankful for.

But he can’t possibly avoid everything.

And that is why he will never again own a motorcycle – at least while I’m alive.

Meanwhile, he begs every year for me to allow him to ‘rent’ one for a few days…. I’m still thinking about it – but probably not.



  1. If I may, that does seem awful harsh to deny your husband an innocent passion out of your fear. Is there perhaps a way that would make you not so anxious about him renting a motorcycle, such as a buddy going with him?

  2. Donna George says:

    Mary, I must respectfully disagree with you. He is already a fast driver, and although he may have learned a bit about danger as he has gotten older, motorcycles are still dangerous. Think about why doctors and nurses call them donor-cycles. Not everyone is as safe as he may be. Other drivers in CARS may not be as careful. I would not take the risk. My hubby, too, used to drive a cycle, and sometimes misses it, but my feeling is “too bad”. Him being here is SO much more important

  3. OK. I don’t mean to sound so harsh – I don’t think I’d have a HUGE problem with him renting one – I’m just not going to go out and do all the work to do that for him… and therefore he won’t ever rent one…
    I’ve considered it as like a gift to him for birthdays or an anniversary type thing, but at the same time – he does tend to get a little… agressive… and it would scare the hell out of me the whole time he’s out.
    Ultimately he can do whatever he wants – but if *I* have anything to say about it, I say no.

  4. I think they are so dangerous! I had a good friend that was hit by a car that ran a stop sign and didn’t “see him”. You just have no protection and no matter how great of a driver you are, you still can’t control others.

  5. Luke would love a motorcycle and he’s not a bad driver but my worry comes in when I think of the other vehicles on the road! Motorcycles can be very hard to see and it just scares me!

  6. Gladys Parker says:

    I have to agree with you on this one. Motorcycles are so very dangerous for the rider. My son wants one so badly (he’s 23) and I pray every day that he puts it off until the urge passes. Your husband may be a great driver but where is the protection? I’d rather men were here to be great husbands, father’s, drivers of other more safe transportation. Just my opinion.
    Gladys P

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