Why I am switching to #ClothDiapers

August 23, 2011

I get the question a lot… especially from friends and family.

‘Why are you switching to Cloth?!!’

I think people think I’m crazy.  Heck. I’ve called myself crazy a few times through this process… I’ve regretted the decision more than once – and constantly question myself on whether or not I can really keep this process going.

But I am sticking with it.

Just to be up front. I’ve never really been into the whole ‘Green’ movement.  It’s not that I hate the planet – it’s more that convenience and cost seems to outweigh ‘Green’ in most circumstances.

Yeah – I recycle… when the bag isn’t full.  But if I have to wash something out before it hits the recycling bin, Its most likely going to go into the garbage.

I’m actually not all that convinced that cloth is ‘greener’ than disposables anyway.  I mean, given our laundry habits so far with these diapers – which is totally needing a post in itself – I’m almost certain we’re leaving a bigger ‘footprint’ with cloth.

DSC09179Honestly my first thought when I was pregnant with Andrew was to do Cloth Diapering – because I knew the cost savings it would include.  However, at the time we lived in a condo and had a shared laundry room that was a pay-per-use… so it wasn’t going to happen.

But now that we’ve moved into a house and have our own washer and dryer – and reading about how everyone’s baby has a cute fluffy butt – I started to think about it.


Not to mention the fact that we continually ran out of diapers and money…  Seemingly all at the same time.

SO. Why am I doing this??  To be totally honest: The cost savings.

Even though every time my husband has to change a poopy diaper I get ‘The Look’, and even though I growl and make a HUGE sigh when the kid’s beds and clothes are soaking wet in the morning and I have to do yet another load of laundry and re-make their beds  – I am sticking to it.

DSC09229You know why??

We have the diapers. We have the washer/dryer.  From here on out, the only costs incurred to us are time, and our water/gas/energy bill – which is yet to be seen…


  1. Congrats on joining the cloth diaper fun! I know that close friends and family members may have a hard time accepting that cloth is, in fact, easy to do but know that you have a HUGE support network out here on the interwebs to help you out 🙂

  2. We’ve used cloth on all 3 of our kids. And while it does create a ton more laundery, it is so much healthier for their sensitive little bottoms. Not once has one of our kids had diaper rash while using cloth!

  3. Welcome to cloth diapering 🙂
    I’ve cloth diapered all 6 of mine. Littlest one is only 15 months and for a bit this past winter, we had to use disposables because of laundry room pipes constantly freezing. I couldn’t believe how much garbage we had just in that little bit of time! I was so happy to go back to the cloth. I don’t think it creates too much more laundry for us. The cloth only adds 1…MAYBE 2 loads per week.

  4. OH,oh! Also, for nighttime, I make sure to use a wool cover. I’ve NEVER had a leak with a wool cover.If you peek around Etsy, you’ll find wool diaper covers made from recycled wool sweaters reasonably priced (usually), if you’re not up to sewing your own. I really like fleece covers,too.

    • Thanks for your thoughts. I have been looking into getting some wool covers. It just seems like it adds to the work!! I’ve been watching several tutorials.
      What seems to be the difference between someone’s $20 wool cover vs someone elses $55 wool cover? I’m afraid by buying the ‘cheaper’ one it might not work as well.
      What do you think? Maybe I should post this to the blog – but answer what you know 😀

      • I make my own out of recycled sweaters I picked up at thrift stores dirt cheap but I had a few knitted ones that someone gave to me. I honestly didn’t see any difference in the way they worked. The trick is to make sure you use a lanolin wash every now and then. I do it maybe once a month. Overall, the wool covers are pretty no fuss. Fleece covers are even less fuss. If you add fabric softener to the rinse, it aids they’re waterproofness 🙂

        • So, I have some old wool sweaters – and there’s a thrift store right down the street. I’m not a GENIUS at the machine, but I’m able to sew stuff that doesn’t have to look perfect 😀
          Are the patterns out there, or did you just get creative and sew yourself a pattern?

  5. What are you using for overnight?
    This is what i use overnight on my 10 mth old, a snug to fit (Canadian made) with a small sherpa fleece/terry prefold as a liner. Sure its bulky but he can go 10 hrs and be dry or barely damp in the morning. I’ve never had a leak.
    An another trick i learned when my kids were sick, when you make the bed waterproof pad, sheet, waterproof pad, sheet, waterproof pad, sheet. (3 sheets, 3 pads) So when an accident happens, just peel off the top layer and it saves you from remaking the bed.

    • Thanks for your comments 😀

      I’ll be getting to my night routine this next week – It just didn’t fit in this week – but:

      We’ve been using Thirsties Fitteds with a Knickernappies SuperDo inside (hemp) and a cover. They’re still sopping wet in the morning, but they’re not leaking (as much) but you can still feel their clothes are damp and their sheets are … damp, but not soaked or anything.

      We’ve got a waterproof cover on top of the sheets that I just wash daily with them, but it seems to make them a bit more sweaty =\

      I love your idea, if I had enough sheets, I’d be all over the triple layer sheets/pads! 😀

  6. you are doing the right thing on so many levels. once you find your night diapering groove – it’s all good. I had to try several different combinations, and I co sleep so when leaks happened I got soaked too. in the end it is the best thing, it takes time to find your magic spot with laundry and night dipes. keep on rockin!

  7. We started cloth on our second at 8months and we’re doing it with our 3rd as well. Night time is frustrating. Wool covers and a good fitted can really help. I’ve been frustrated with getting a good newborn fit, so I can relate to feeling like cloth is a big hassle. I stand by my choice despite the challenges and love so much about cloth. Hang in there and don’t be shy about asking questions. 🙂

  8. Sorry you’re waking up to wet sheets. Sounds like you need to add more absorbancy to your night-time diapers!

    We only use 1 microfiber insert during the day for our son, but for night-time I have to use a pocket diaper doubled up with at least 1 microfiber insert + 1 hemp insert. It will be a lot bulkier, but it’s only for sleeping, so it doesn’t matter that much. But dry sheets are worth it! As long as you are adding enough absorbancy, you should be able to cloth diaper at night with no leaks.

    I love to help people figure out the ups and downs of cloth diapering – as do many other cloth diaper loving mamas! So please feel free to ask us questions!

    • Hrm. I wish I was as lucky as you!!

      1 microfiber insert in the day gives us leaks in less than an hour…
      and 1 microfiber and 1 hemp insert would probably leave us sopping wet in the morning, considering our routine does (which has much more) does.

      We have been using the Thirsties Fitteds with SuperDo inserts and a wrap, and we’re still getting tiny leaks.. Either way- they wake up soaking wet. We also have one Happy Hempy diaper from Happy Heineys which we also stuff with a SuperDo insert – and a wrap, and even that seems to not hold up to everything…

      With Tummy Sleepers and heavy wetters – I think our only solution might be Wool. (Which I’m looking into!)

  9. kristen huss says:

    yay! Good for you. Hey, I know you live in MN, but I forget where exactly… anyway, I live in Shakopee. There is a Facebook page that I would love for you to join (although it is not a group, so just become a fan!) It is called Minnesota Cloth Diapering Moms and Dads. https://www.facebook.com/?sk=lf#!/pages/Minnesota-Cloth-Diapering-Moms-and-Dads/167536859947879

    Anyway, a small group of us try to get together on a monthly basis, usually around Shakopee area, but it is always up for discussion. We have fun ,just chatting (about diapers some, but that’s not all!) It is just a fun moms and kids/babies time, and we would love to get to know you! Oh, and don’t worry, none of us are “super green’ either..we usually eat off of paper plates, haha! 🙂

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