When Cloth Diapering Becomes Less of a Chore

August 30, 2011

So all week last week I spent a lot of time complaining about how much we really are having such a hard time with using our Cloth Diapers.

I intentionally set it up that way, and was writing posts and ideas for posts down as we were initially starting.  We had such a hard time the first few weeks adjusting to life with cloth – and dealing with poop – that I wanted to be sure that if someone was thinking about doing the same, they could also see the transition.

It is by no means, an easy task.  Especially coming from a neat-freak type household who has been using disposables for SO long!


It does get better.

It has gotten better.

We are not fully over the hurdle yet – but it’s sinking in that this is our daily ritual, and we just are getting better at changing more frequently, washing more frequently, and getting more in-tune with our children’s potty habits.DSC09760

We’re starting to see the good in it (Although my husband is still extremely convinced that it’s no good… and would switch to disposables again in a heartbeat) and we’re seeing that it’s not as horrible as we made it out to be. <so by ‘we’ I mean ‘I’>

I think the only good my husband is seeing is that I’m doing laundry more frequently, and not spending money on diapers each month!

So – While my reviews may sound negative – they are not.  I am trying to honestly speak through the positives and the negatives that we’re finding of each diaper.  Some are great – and some are just average – nothing outstanding to me.  But it doesn’t mean that it’s a bad diaper!  It’s just what is working best for us, and what is not.

DSC09729I think at the end of this I’ll list in order my personal favorites for each child.. just so we can compare notes Open-mouthed smile


  1. I’m so glad it’s getting better for you! I highly doubt you will switch back to sposies, sounds like full on fluffy addiction is right around the corner for you 😀
    Welcome to the dark side!!

  2. Amanda N. says:

    I love your list idea. I know we’ve definitely got favorites over here. And I even cycle favorites over time! One week I’ll like X diaper, next week I’ll like Y diaper better. My friends who cloth diaper all have different preferences as well. It’s fun to compare and contrast. If you can, it’s even fun to swap your non-fav’s with a friend’s non-fav’s so you can try out different kinds of diapers when you find certain types aren’t working for you.

  3. Love your honesty in all of this!! Keep it up!

  4. I don’t have a lot to offer to this post. I cloth diapered out of necessity. Back when cloth diapering wasn’t cool and was referred to as poor peoples diapers. We had big pieces of white cloth that we folded. Then came prefolds but they still needed inserts and of course huge diaper pins. Over top we used rubber pants. Eventually these came in blue or pink, if you was a poor people lol you used which ever color you found at yard sales on Saturday morning cus the dads could watch the littles and we got the car. Some of this I am saying in a joking manner but it is all true. Cloth diapers are awesome now and I am gathering a stash for my son one at a time so he too can be a poor people, even though they aren’t it’s the green thing now!
    Gladys P

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