What I am learning about #ClothDiapers

August 31, 2011

I am learning so much by writing the reviews for each diaper.

When I first started this event idea – I was just looking at all of these diapers online before I ever saw a diaper or knew what type of material was what, or what benefits any of the different materials had.

But now, knowing the benefits of a good material – I am able to go back onto each of these websites and research with understanding why I like or dislike a particular diaper.

Take for instance the Kawaii Diaper.  I had NO idea that it was bamboo inside of those inserts. I thought those inserts were SO skinny and so useless, so I was changing him far sooner than I really needed to.  When I went to research the diaper some more so I could write a review on the diaper – I realized how much better the diaper is than I gave it credit for.  And I put it back on my boys and put it to the test.

We went out that night and ran some errands.  Ethan was in the diaper for 5 hours, and we didn’t have a leak.  Whereas some other diapers, we get leaks within 2 hours.  So – I am finding it’s good to push the limits…!

It’s getting exciting for me to see where my boundaries are for each diaper and really discover which diapers I love the most. (Although, I already have my personal fav’s picked… we’ll get to those by friday this week – I promise.)

By all means – if you should have a comment on my particular opinion of any diaper – I would be happy to hear from you.  I am no expert – and I welcome all advice and learning opportunities!

I also just want to say that I really appreciate all the support I’ve received through comments and this whole process really – from companies, fellow bloggers, and other people who I don’t even know!  It’s really been reassuring to me!  So, Thank You!

Keep’em Coming!

P.S. I may have to extend the dates of this project a little, because we’ve had a few extra companies join in – I hope no one minds! Winking smile I *Have* to be done with the reviews by Sept 19th, where we’re starting the Next AWESOME Event – which all of you will just love I’m sure – But the details and announcements will be coming shortly for that Open-mouthed smile.


  1. I’m loving your reviews. I’ve been cding my 14mth old, Ethan, for about 4 or 5 weeks now. It’s so much easier to read what other moms think than to pick and choose based on nothing. I also like the categories and how it’s structured.

  2. I have been following your blog and love it! As for cloth diapers, hang in there. We bought the Bum Genius diaper sprayer and it is the best for the dirty diapers!! I also just recently put a diaper bag next to it, so once I am done washing one out, I can just dump the poopie diaper in there instead of carrying it back to the other diaper pail.

    As for our favorite diapers? So far they are the Bum Genius Elemental All in One’s- NO INSERTS! And they are super absorbent! I don’t put a liner in it except at night time. LOVE them!!

  3. Jessica W says:

    I have been using cds for the past 3 1/2 years. I love it! Once you find what you like, it can become SO addicting. I probably have around 70 or so diapers, prefolds, inserts, etc. Possibly more. My husband thinks I am crazy, but I love that there are so many choices.

  4. I read (almost) every cd review because I want to give my son and dil a stash for their first. I have to win them as I have $700. a month income for everything. I still want as many of the better ones as possible. I have one super good one and 3 good ones also a mabu set of 2. Also a diaper hop to put some in so I’m watching carefully to what everyone has to say.
    Gladys P

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