We’re Officially Switching to Cloth Diapers!

August 1, 2011

Ok Guys – It’s official.

We might be crazy. But we’re doing it Smile

We’ve got enough diapers to last us with both kids between washes – and we’re expecting a few more shipments coming through the doors any day now.


I am going to be blogging my way through the switch to cloth diapering… and let me tell you what.

It’s not going to be pretty easy.

DSC08915Actually – the fabrics are going to be pretty, and their heiny’s  are going to be pretty cute.   But the stories?  Not so much.


Why the Fuss?

DSC08883This is HARD.  I mean. *Really* hard so far.  I have been using disposables for 2 1/2 years.  I Love disposables.  I just am having a hard time justifying their purchase… and cloth just seems so much more cute Winking smile

We have officially ran out of disposable diapers for Andrew, and while he is working on potty training, he is not trained enough to be out and about – or go to sleep without a diaper.


What’s the event about??

DSC08901So. From washing icky diapers (which Is really, the least of my worries now…) to my children’s acceptance of the change, to clothes fitting or not, to figuring out how to tell when they’re wet, and HOW MANY CHANGES PER DAY?!!

That’s what this story is going to be about.

So. Come One. Come all – Cloth Mama’s AND Disposable Mama’s – (or daddies!) I’ll be telling some fun stories, and doing several product and store reviews and giveaways – The event of ALL events!


Who am I working with?

I am currently working with 12-13 major cloth diapering companies, and 5-6 amazing cloth diapering stores (the variance because a few companies and stores have not finalized their confirmations yet with exactly what they are sending/giving away.) I am still also getting emails trickling in from companies wanting to join with me as well, and Yes, I am still accepting more offers!  DSC09185

This will be a 3 week long event, where I will be posting on MOST days about the cloth diapering and switch.  Several Great Diaper giveaways also coming up! Be sure to add me to your bookmarks and check back regularly!Adventures-In-Cloth-Diapering-Button3

Place the the button on your sidebar for the Adventures To Cloth Diapering Event and get an extra entry into all Cloth Diapering Event Giveaways! –OR- If you blog about it (with button and link in post) You also get an extra entry!  Note: You can do Both for two extra entries to each giveaway!

You will have until August 21st at midnight to leave a comment here telling me you did these extra entries.  Must leave a comment to be valid, with URL where I can verify entries. Event starts August 21st!


  1. We switched to cloth when my son was 1.5 months old and never looked back. We jumped in full force and loved it. It was challenging at first, I had to convince DH that is wasn’t sooo bad, but now everyone in the family loves it. I hope you have a great cloth diapering experience! It’s fun and there are some super cute colors/styles out there. 🙂

  2. We did not cloth diaper or first, but with the new baby, we have been in cloth for almost 6 months. You will love it. It is easy, fun and oh so addicting.

  3. i LOVED cloth diapering, have fun with it and experiment with everything

    • I’m definitely loving the colors and cuteness – it’s just a big adjustment. We have so many brands here so we’re just experimenting with them all! 🙂 Thanks for the great advice! 🙂

  4. I didn’t cloth diaper with my first and really regretted it. It just seemed like too much extra work. But I’m seriously considering it when we have our next child.

    • We’re just getting started, but really – so far.. It’s been an adjustment, but I know it will be saving us money and not be as much of a hassle as soon as we both know what we’re doing! 🙂

  5. Hi Amy, for some reason I can’t find a link to post a comment on your post about cloth diapers, but I wanted to answer your questions. I’m a cloth diapering veteran mom of 6. Oldest is 13, and all my babies were in cloth full time. I hope it’s ok if I copy and paste 🙂

    * Is it REALLY cheaper?

    It depends on what system you go with. A simple prefold and cover system will save you, because you can always resell them on Craiglist after your kids are potty trained. Also, cloth babies train earlier! It’s a well kept secret of cloth! All my babies were day/night, pee/poo trained at TWO.

    * What if my kid gets Diarrhea? EW!

    Once when one of mine had a bad diarrhea incident I bought a pack of sposies, and they leaked WORSE. If you’re worried about poopy germs, just use some tea tree oil or something in the wash to kill everything, or wash out the washer by running an empty load with a little bleach.

    * How often am I going to have to do laundry?

    I do a diaper load every other day. No big deal especially in a household of 8!

    * How much more often will their diapers need to be changed?
    I change my baby every two hours.

    * Will we have to carry extra clothes with us in case if WE get wet from a wet diaper on our lap??

    I never had this happen in 13 years.

    * What about Granparents? or Church? Will they know what to do? or are we still going to buy disposables so the boys ‘fit in’ in social places.

    Grandparents love cloth! That’s what they used after all, and they’ll be amazed by the new “no pins” systems! My older relatives rave about how my babes have zero rash due to cloth.

    * Will our 2 1/2 year old even consider wearing a soft cloth diaper??

    Wouldn’t you rather wear soft cotton? I also use cloth lady pads and they are SO MUCH MORE comfy!

    * Am I going to have to buy special detergents and particular laundry bags?

    Probably not. I have always used the same detergent on everything… something without dyes and perfumes.

    * What about when we’re out of town? Where will the ‘dirties’ go?

    I keep ours in a waterproof bag. Hotels have laundry rooms too, so you could always do a load if you’re so inclined.

    * Will our water bill go up from all the extra laundry?
    Negligible. Water is super cheap.

    * What about our detergent bill?
    Ditto. I use one TEASPOON of detergent in my diaper loads.

    * Are we just spreading the cost of diapers somewhere else?

    * Will my husband tell me to change all the diapers because he doesn’t want to ‘deal’ with the poop?
    YMMV, but I can’t imagine my husband having this attitude. Mine doesn’t. If he persists though, you could always buy liners (about $6 for 1,000!) so that the poopy liner can just be tossed into the toilet, no rinsing required.

    * Will my husbands big hands be able to snap those snaps??
    Velcro if it’s a problem.

    * How will my kids’ clothes fit around a cloth diaper??
    Some brands fit better than others.

    * Will they look funny?
    Once you get used to it, a cloth butt is cute 🙂

    I hope this helps!

    • So what cloth diaper do you like the most? Thanks for posting on here, I really enjoyed reading.

      • LoL – That’s to be revealed 😉 Soon!!

      • Not sure if Tosha was asking me or you. I like Fuzzi Bunz for night and travel (including errands). I use prefolds inside snap covers for day. (My faves are Thirsties two size, only two sizes you have to buy for the life of the diapering experience.) I avoid velcro.

  6. Got the button 😉

  7. I’ve been using cloth from Day one and love it!
    For disposables, Pampers so do not ever work for us, but the cheap Target brand do.
    I’ll make sure to add your button to my blog and check in during your adventure!

    • Thanks so much! When you get the button up, leave me a comment here that you did so (and before Monday), and you’ll get an extra entry into each giveaway! I appreciate it a ton! 😀

  8. added your button on right sidebar!

  9. YEAH! I just found your blog, I made the big switch about 3 weeks ago. I have a 14 month old boy named Ethan too! So far we are doing really well with but I’m excited to read about your insight about cloth diapering from a newbie’s standpoint. Good luck{but you won’t need it}!

    I added your button to my blog: jollyjess6.blogspot.com

  10. Your button is on my blog! 😉

  11. I’ve been CD’ing for almost 2 years now, and I find it easier than sposies. No blowouts, no ripped tabs, no clipping coupons,sale shopping, stock piling, trying to use up a too small size…

  12. Grabbed your event button for my blogs sidebar, under events:
    blogged about it:

    Cloth Diapering is fun, addicting and oh so much better for baby! If I can do it, and convince my family that it is doable, you can too! Best of luck on your journey!!!
    JLJMommy aka Kimberlie
    ktiegen at yahoo dot com

  13. I added your button to my blog!! I started cloth diapering my Little Girl when she was about 4 1/2 months old, and I love it. We still havent’ figured out a nighttime solution but in the end we still will have saved a significant amount of money, not having to buy many disposables. Good luck in your adventure!!


  14. We are also in the process of switching, it’s so much fun! I added your button to the right sidebar of my blog!


  15. Grabbed your button.

    I love CDing a lot. I admit it is not always easy, but worth it in the long run.

  16. I definitely added your button to my sidebar!! We decided to convert to cloth when our son was 21 months old, so a late start but we love it!

  17. I also blogged about your event and giveaways on my blog. http://lifewithlittlelovelace.blogspot.com/

  18. Michelle F. says:

    I grabbed the event button and posted it on my blog in the Events and Fun section on the right sidebar 🙂 http://www.mommyfergblog.com

  19. Linda Soul says:

    I grabbed the button and put it on my blog!

    I’m a pretty new cloth diapering Mama, too! I’ve only been doing it for a little over two months! And I absolutely love it!

  20. Heard about this from So Easy Being Green! Can’t wait to read about it! We have been cloth diapering our little girl for her 10 1/2 months and I love it. Little sad that we have her in sposies right now while we treat a rash…it is the longest she has been out of cloth diapers since she was born!

    • Oh Boy. I’m not looking forward to rashes… Ahhh!!

      • It really hasn’t been that bad…usually I just use California Baby cream without issue. If I pile it on thick I would use reusable fleece liners. This time I am treating for yeast, so I went through and bleached all the cloth diapers. I am going to keep her in disposables until the rash is completely gone.

  21. Sabrina Radke says:

    New follower! I grabbed your event button!

  22. Christine says:
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  24. I blogged about the event
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  25. Sorry if this is a repeat comment!!
    I blogged about ehe event:
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  26. I have your button on my blog:
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  27. Carolyn H says:

    I have your button on my blog http://knittingsticks.blogspot.com/

    Cloth diapering is sooooo much fun and addictive! Everyone around me thinks I’m nuts, but we’ve been using cloth since our son was a week old and lovin’ every minute of it!

  28. I placed your button on my blog (www.mummytocharis.blogspot.com).

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