Being a Dental Hygienist, I am well aware of most of the dental products available.  I usually CRINGE when I’m in the dental care aisle and see people looking at some of the stuff that I’m not exactly fond of… like Plax brand mouthwash. Seriously guys. Clinically Proven to be as effective as water.  Awesome! *sarcasm* I always battle back and forth with the thoughts of approaching them and giving them a personal consultation…. But I don’t.  Usually…

The other day, I saw a guy in the store comparing an off-brand water flosser that was $40 on sale, and a $60 Waterpik.  I could tell that he was really trying to figure out why there was such a difference in price.

I couldn’t help myself. I *had* to say something.  I mean.. Sure, the cheap water flosser might feel like it’s working – but has it been through series of clinical studies to prove it’s effectiveness?  Probably not.

Waterpik Water Flossers are the only brand clinically proven to be an effective alternative to traditional floss for removing plaque biofilm and reducing gum bleeding and inflammation.


I told him that he should probably stick with the real deal, even given the price difference.  I also mentioned that I have that same Waterpik Ultra Water Flosser at home and love it – but not to be too grossed out with the stuff he sees falling out of his mouth into the sink.  I also mentioned that the Waterpik will most likely make his hygienist much happier than the sale priced off-brand – and very quickly and quietly told him that I was a dental hygienist.

My Recurring Nightmare

So… I usually have a hard time walking those isles because I really have a hard time keeping my mouth shut.  And I have this recurring nightmare about approaching people..

I’m terrified that if I speak up, I’ll be stuck in the dental care isle all day long answering questions… I envision the groups swarming me muttering to each other that there’s a LIVE dental hygienist in the store and she’s answering questions, for free!

Back to the Waterpik

Really guys- you can’t get much better than a Waterpik. I mean. *SOME* people have the physical capabilities and the persistence with floss to actually remove most of the debris from the pockets in their gums (without destroying them)… but most people just go in – and out.

With a Waterpik, you *know* that you’re getting the best results – because you can see the crap coming out of your teeth!  I’ve even done this after brushing and flossing, and still see stuff falling into the sink. It’s gross – but cool, too.




My personal thoughts as a dental hygienist

        Regular floss is capable of going approximately 3 millimeters (mm) deep into your gums.  That’s great if every single one of your pockets is 3mm or less.  But.  Most healthy adult’s pockets range from 2-5mm (and up!).  The Waterpik Water Flosser has been proven to get as much as 6mm deep below the gums.


Can’t get much better than that!  I recommend the Waterpik to most all of my patients as well! Open-mouthed smile

***NOTE*** Updated 12/2015 

I still VERY highly recommend this Waterpik to all of my patients, friends, and family. I always talk to my patients about the countertop waterpik vs. the cordless waterpik. The Cordless is great, and it works – but it’s best if it’s just for you to focus on a few areas. Ultimately to do your whole mouth you’ll have to stop and refill the cordless one several times before you’re complete. That’s just a pain for most people.


If you DO choose to go with a Cordless Waterpik, please choose one that has adjustable controls vs. the cheaper option that has a single setting. 

Cordless Waterpik 

If you don’t have counter space or you have a hard time with the water mess – I recommend the Waterpik Showerpik that attaches to your shower head! It’s a great solution, especially if you love long showers. You get to relax in the shower and take care of your teeth without making a giant mess all over the counter. This is available at and 

Waterpik Showerpik

I also recommend this Waterpik Shower Head to anyone and everyone who’s looking for a new shower head – *and* to all breastfeeding moms with sore chests!


*Thanks for clicking on the links above to purchase your waterpik! I appreciate the support you’re showing with the information you’re getting! 


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