Am I the only one or has your two-year-old turned into a grumpy teenager already when you try to wake him? It become extremely hard to wake Jamison up in the mornings for daycare at 7 am. However, on the weekends he pops right up around 6:30 am with no problem. Go figure. It was turning into a struggle every weekday morning to get this kid out of bed. I started to do some research on alarm clocks for kids and I came across Ok to Wake by PlayMonster. Ok to Wake is an alarm clock, night light and it glows green when it is ok to wake, teaching kids its ok to get out of bed.  

sleeping toddler

Waking Your Sleeping Toddler

I was determined for the clock to work. We got it all setup in his room and showed him how it works. After setting the time we set the alarm clock. He’s only two so he can’t yet tell time but we he can identify colors. The alarm clock feature is really nice. We set his alarm to go off at 7 am for school the next morning. The alarm goes off as a soft beeping noise and it lights up. It’s just enough to wake a toddler and not startle him. He did really well-saying mommy “I up now.” 

Ok to Wake

sleeping toddler

This feature is pretty awesome. We told Jamison when the light turns green it’s time to wake up. It took a few weekends for him to really learn the concept. After a few weeks, he has started to understand the concept but it’s a work in progress. I also enjoy the fact that he is trying to read the numbers on his clock. Overall he really enjoys it and gets excited every night about his clock going off in the morning. 


This clock includes a nap timer for setting nap times. It comes with a purple face-plate to change out the color. It has a snooze button, parental controls in the back and has the option to use batteries in case of a power outage. One con we found to the alarm clock is the screen size. We think it should be a little bigger for kids to be able to read it better. Overall, it is a great tool and has become a lifesaver in our home. 
Ok to Wake is a great tool for families wanting to teach kids it’s ok to wake and to teach them how to use an alarm clock. Try out Ok to Wake for yourself here

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