Toddler For Sale!!!!

February 8, 2012
Toddler (15mo) for Sale:
Likes to climb, can get onto the counter while you are looking away, loves dumping things out – especially large bags of cereal and liquidy things like Yogurt. 
DSC02589He Can hardly contain himself from Pulling toilet paper across the house, and removing his diaper.
DSC02622 DSC02623
His Favorite activity is Digging in and Playing with fresh poop from the potty chair, and throwing cups down the stairs therefore making the lids come off – and Has a strong affinity towards sharp objects.
DSC02556 DSC02557
He’s a great napper, but rarely sleeps through the night – demands breakfast right away in the morning – and refuses to be ‘Fed’ by anyone but himself.  DSC02504
He loves putting his hands through his hair while eating -therefore requiring a bath after most meals.  His favorite foods are Bananas, Yogurt, and Spaghetti. 


He hasn’t decided yet whether he’s right or left handed, can Barely Jump off the ground with both feet (a huge accomplishment) and loves to sing – loudly.  Also – He’s going through the attachment phase, and refuses to be left alone without screaming to anyone except for his mommy and daddy.  DSC01498
So if you’re in the market for a constant messy house and a mental battle of whether or not it’s worth buying something nice in the next 18 years – This is your answer.
I’ll give you a great deal.. Crib included.

Of course you all know that I am totally joking – I wouldn’t trade my little Ethan for the world, but he sure gives me a run for my money…. Who ever thought one little man could be so mischievous…


  1. Oh I know how you feel!

  2. Mary Beth Elderton says:

    Hahaha! I used to wish mine would get kidnapped–I’d have made a fortune from the kidnappers trying to give him back!

  3. Well…I would take you up on your offer, but I have his twin already. Your post made me laugh. 🙂

  4. LOL – I have an almost-toddler who is already looking like he’s going to be just like yours!

    But…he looks angelic when he’s sleeping and he gives the best baby kisses in the world. So it’s worth it!

  5. One of my grandsons just turned 2 and I know exactly how you feel! He’s into EVERYTHING!

  6. LOL! hilarious! love it! and a main reason I don’t have kids! LOL

  7. LOL I had many a day like that… he’s not a toddler anymore but heck I STILL have many a day where I feel like selling him off! LOL

  8. Gladys Parker says:

    I see you are going through a normal day as the mother of a 15 month old. Just think of those wonderful hugs, messy kisses and all the firsts you were so excited about – see it’s all worth it!
    Gladys P

  9. Hannah Avery says:

    My son is extremely similar, and he is 17 months. He loves to climb on the table. Gets on my laptop when I am on the phone, loves sharp things or anything dangerous, gives himself “tatoos” with Sharpies, Pees and Poops on the floor when his diaper is off ( I’m trying to potty train), Gets in my thread and tangles his feet up in it and pulls it through the house, and lots of other things!


  10. I’m so impressed that you’ve been able to capture these wonderful moments! It reminds a lot of us that we are not alone … LOL! Thank you for that!!! They’re very challenging at this age, but that’s their job, right? ugh….
    Well, he is a cutie pie and we know you love him so much!!!
    xo Tara

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