Thomas and Transformers?? Awesome Matchup!

July 10, 2011

Andrew and Joe were reading about different types of trains and started talking about Bullet Trains.  So they came to the computer to see a video of a bullet train.

After each video, we clicked on another one to watch, and then came across this.  It’s pretty fun Smile  Perfect for a Thomas Lover – but has some action/drama and not the BEST words in it.  So not good for a kid who scares easily.

I love that it’s OpThomas Train and Mega Train. Sweet.

If your kid can handle hearing ‘You Best Reca’nize Sucka’, I’m Number One!’ Then, you’re ok Winking smile  If not… Well.. Close this window!

There is actually a sequel to the movie as well – and it’s equally as good, if not better.. just click the link in the video to see it.

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