Take it to the Mattresses..

September 27, 2011

Just before we got married 9 years ago, my future husband and I went mattress shopping.  He had a single sized bed, and I had a day bed – so our choices weren’t really all that spectacular for our night after the wedding!

Essentially I wanted the most lavishly comfortable bed that we could possibly buy.  I wanted to sink into my mattress and pillow top with high-end near-satin sheets and down comforter with feather pillows, and just… enjoy.


So we walked in to the nearest mattress store, and asked the salesman what the best and most comfortable bed (within our price range) was.  He showed us to the Juliet.  With a 20 year warranty, we would be set with our mattress.  … … Did anyone catch that?

20 year warrantY?!

Well. I finally called (After putting it off for a good 5 years or so) and told them I needed to get a claim on our warranty because our mattress is lopsided.  Our pillow top leans to the right when it is face-up, and leans to the left when the bottom side is up.  Think of  Rhombus – that’s what our bed is shaped like.  Meaning – that we’ve lost about 8” of our ‘usable’ mattress space.

So essentially, if whoever is on the side that has the ‘overhang’ rolls over – they’re not going to stay on the mattress; because there’s no support underneath.

Guess what?  The mattress company said that’s not covered under the warranty.  Only ‘sagging’ deeper than 2” is covered.  So much for that 20 year warranty.  So for now we’re just holding off as long as we can until we can to purchase a new mattress.

It’s such a HUGE decision that we’re not going to take lightly this time, so we’re reading up all we can about pro’s and con’s of each mattress.

I found a great article about back pain at Mattress Find, and the information in it seems so obvious, but I just hadn’t thought about it in this way: You need a mattress that is going to allow your circulation to continue to flow better.  So finding those stress points in your body and mattress is important!

So while we are not going to just get out there and buy a new mattress right now, we’re definitely “taking it to the mattresses” and learning as much as we can and thinking about the pro’s and con’s of different ones – and trying to find which one is the best one for US.

What are your opinions on mattresses? Soft? Firm? Flippable? Unflippable? Pillow Top? Memory Foam? Adjustable?



  1. Tasha West Glasscock says:

    We recently moved and decided to invest in a king size bed. We did lots of research and finally decided on The Cloud by Temperpedic. It was a HUGE investment, but well worth it. I have back trouble anyway so this was the best choice for us. It is such a difference to sleep on a full memory foam bed. It came with two free memory foam pillows also. The worst thing about having such a great bed…. is when you go on vacation no other bed will compare once you’re used to it. Good luck with your decision 🙂

  2. Wow what a huge disappointment and pain to deal with! We like our mattress to be Memory Foam and must be really, really firm. Right now we have a cheaper one from Ikea – it’s all we could afford at the time for a king size one. Though cheaper it’s been very good to us (3 yrs old now) and since welcoming baby 7 mos. ago, it has definitely been beaten up like crazy since baby sleeps with us at night (blow outs, leaks, spit-up… you name it!). So I’m glad we didn’t fork out too much for it.

  3. heather stewart says:

    sorry to hear that your warranty won’t cover that. I like a mattress that isn’t too soft, or too hard. Something that is comfy.

  4. Mary Michaud says:

    firm, other than that, I don’t know! Someday we’ll go shopping for our own mattress, but for now we’ll continue sleeping on the ancient hand-me-down from the in-laws. 😛 good luck on your mattress shipping, and let us know how it goes!

  5. I love my memory foam mattress! I have a really bad back and I’ve found that it is the best for giving me a great night sleep.

  6. I bought a crazy mattress when I got married. I joined the company for the discount and quit after the allotted time i was required to be there. i was bad. but i still love my mattress 7 years later its perfect. I am trying to remember the name … it was by Nikken, it was FIRM, it has rubber nodes (tiny) similar to an eggshell pattern and it has magnets in it. Sounds crazy feels great! it cost me a giant arm and a leg….. but i got that one and it had memory foam on it… and i hated it. and the foam stunk. so i called and they took it back.. free and sent me the right one from korea that didn’t have the memory foam in it (i think that one was called a kenko dream or something). The company is crazy expensive but i love that mattress. I always worry with ANY mattress about off gassing and those darned fire retardant chemicals. So I’ve been looking for my children for one with a removeable cover… and i have seen them! I think I’ll get it, remove the cover and replace the cover 🙂

  7. Carrie Phelps says:

    Funny to have read your post while in the middle of mattress shopping, thanks!

  8. Jessica W says:

    I love a soft mattress but my husband likes a firm one. So, inevitably someone is always complaining about our bed. I was just wondering today how often are you supposed to replace your mattress?

  9. Mandy Kauffman says:

    We’ve had a mattress from Costco for the past 8 years or so, and it’s treated us well. It’s only a full size though, and we need to move up to a bigger size!! We really want a Tempurpedic mattress, but we’ll have to save up for that one since they are so expensive!! I heard those mattresses are awesome, but they can get a little warm. So we’ll see! I’ll have to check out what “Mattress Find” says though. Thanks!

  10. We purchased a new king sized mattress from Sams club last Feb and LOVE it. We are pillow top people, but like medium firmness and were able to find both in a Sealy at a great price at Sams. Mattress shopping is such a chore. Best of luck!

  11. tubbytelly says:

    I personally prefer firm with a little pillow top. We are getting a memory foam mattress…we’ll see how that works out. But then I can’t decide if I like memory foam pillows and we’ve had those for a few years now.

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