School is in session! Which means many months of driving kids to school, sports, church activities, friend’s houses, cross-country family visits and so much more. And another year older doesn’t mean we get to lose the car seats yet. Not for many years, actually. With our Safety 1st seats, getting in the car seat is easy, no matter how long or short the trip may be. 

Summit High Back Booster

As my daughter gets older, she wants a seat that feels more “big girl.” We love the Summit High Back Booster for her big girl seat! We can use it with the 5-point harness forward FOREVER! Ok, until she’s 40 pounds, but that feels like a long time! Then the harness can be removed to use it as a high back booster with the seat belt. Until she’s 100 pounds, which really feels like forever! Best of all, the Summit uses LATCH, so I know it’s firmly attached either way. 
My daughter loves the Summit because it’s purple and pretty. And the arm rests can move up and down. Plus the cup holder wiggles in and out. The whole thing screams “I’m growing up!!!!” (Scary right?!?) She loves it. 
I love that it’s easy. It’s easy to install, easy to adjust (both the harness height and the belt positioner), and easy to get her in and out of. Even better, it’s secure. The structure feels solid, the padding feels soft. Long road trips won’t bruise her butt. And if we got in a car accident, she would be safe. The shoulder pads are perfect, soft and not too big. And the whole thing has a recline ability, perfect for long road trips or nap time, as long as it still straps into the seat securely. 
I love this seat, it’s perfect for our stage of life. This isn’t a seat for a freshly forward-facing two year old, or a kiddo with short arms, but it’s great for my three year old. I really mostly say that because the cup holder is low, which she can easily reach now but couldn’t at two. 

Safety 1st Store ‘n Go Belt Positioning Booster

My five year old also likes feeling like a big boy. He definitely still needs a high-back booster, and he loves his new Safety 1st Store ‘n Go belt positioning booster. It’s a basic booster, seat belt only, with the added perk of a plastic drawer in the base!
The drawer under the base is fantastic! I was actually quite impressed by the size. It is big enough to hold some small books and toys. It’s made out of thick plastic and slides in and out easily. It can be removed with the right upward motion, which is great for cleaning it! My son does accidentally pull it out on his own occasionally, but he is able to put it back in if it isn’t too heavy with toys. 
The booster itself is well made. It has good padding and bright colors. It doesn’t feel as safe as a larger convertible car seat, but has good protection around his head and hips. It’s also much lighter than a convertible car seat, so it’s super portable. It doesn’t have LATCH, so it’s just held in by the child and his seat belt. This made me nervous that it would move around a lot while getting in and out, but it actually stays in place pretty well. 
The Store ‘n Go booster can be high back or just a booster seat. It’s very easy to place or remove the booster back. It’s also easy to adjust the height of the back by moving the peg up or down a hole. 
Check out the Safety 1st Summit Front-facing car seat and Store’n Go belt positioning booster online for yourself! Or check out Safety 1st on Facebook or Twitter! Safe travels! 
Safety 1st sent me the above seats for review. Opinions are my own and not influenced by compensation. 

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