Rubbermaid LunchBlox Kids Kits

August 12, 2013

With a Rubbermaid LunchBlox Kit, spend less time packing lunch and more time with your precious family

I Comply with GuidlelinesThe start of school is fast approaching, and so are school lunches and busy mornings. Rubbermaid wants to help create organized, healthy lunches with LunchBlox Kids. Seeing all the school supplies brings back memories of my own Lisa Frank folders, colorful lunch boxes, and “mom-ables” (home made lunchables, haha). Rubbermaid made this post possible by sending me a Rubbermaid LunchBlox Kids Flat Kit to review and share with all of you. Micah was way more interested in the box, but this LunchBlox product is definitely worth adding to your school supply list.


LunchBlox Kids Review

The first thing I noticed about my LunchBlox with the fun colors.  Orange, green, and blue. Lots of flat spaces for kids to make it their own with stickers. Plus, it’s Rubbermaid, so you know it’s quality. The little containers are tough plastic, BPA free, and leak proof. The precious food won’t get squished or spill into the lunchbox. Easy to open and close, but not too easy. So a kid of any age can open them, but they aren’t going to just pop open in their backpack.


LunchBlox Kids Portion Sizes

The second thing I noticed about the LunchBlox was the size. The portion sizes are great! A little container for a little dessert, a medium containers for fruits or chips, and a big container for a sandwich, salad, or wrap. The big container also has removable inserts so it can hold a sandwich and a side. No more guesswork about how many cookies or chips, just fill the containers, close and go.


LunchBlox Kids Snap Together

The Rubbermaid LunchBlox containers snap into a blue ice tray so they all stay chilled without needing a refrigerator. Plus, this keeps all the containers together so they stay organized in the lunchbox and don’t get all jumbled up. In this Flat Kit, the containers all snap down to the blue ice, to fit well in a flat lunchbox. But they don’t snap onto each other, like the tall kit does. I wish they could do either (snap to the blue ice or each other). Just remember to have your child pick out his lunchbox before buying the right sized kit.


Rubbermaid LunchBlox are microwave, dishwasher, and freezer safe!

And a Rubbermaid LunchBlox Kids Kit is only $16.

Check out! It is full of coupons, recipes and more fun tips.

Or check out LunchBlox Kits online, Facebook, or on Twitter.


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  1. The Mediterranean tuna wrap looks good. Wraps are always a great lunch idea!

  2. Dip what kids don’t like dip! And to not always use the standard white/wheat bread

  3. I looked that you can pick from two different styles to fit the lunch box of your child. The pb&j spirals look great.
    inalak at msn dot com

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  6. Colleen Maurina says:

    I would like to try their Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich Surprises recipe.

  7. I like an idea to pack a note in my kids lunchboxes

  8. tiffany lane says:

    put drinks in a zip loc bag in case the lunch box gets smashed and drink explodes

  9. Emily Morelli says:

    I like to get all the lunch side items ready for the whole week and then let my daughter pick each morning.

  10. Kristi Renout says:

    I like the mediterranean tuna wrap!

  11. I like the mediterranean tuna wrap.

  12. Ronette braithwaite says:

    I like the fruit kabob with small star shape pb and j sandwiches. Thats a creative twist on the pb and j sandwich.

  13. PB and jelly twist looks good.


  14. love the idea of making lunches into fun shapes 🙂

  15. Theresa J says:

    I would make the classic tuna sandwich. I have never put egg in a tuna sandwich

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  17. The mediterranean tuna wrap looks so yummy!

  18. christine jessamine says:

    I love the fruit kabob idea

  19. I like the pack a note tip. My mom always packed a note in my lunches when I was growing up and it always cheered me up. 🙂

  20. nicole lillie says:

    Sandwich the jelly! I never knew that, and my kids LOVE pbjs!

  21. I liked the owl shaped sandwich.

  22. rich morris says:

    Mediterranean Tuna Wrap

  23. I love the tip for no more soggy PB&J sandwiches – spread peanut butter on both pieces of bread – GENIUS!

  24. Patty Broderick-White says:

    I like the classic tuna sandwich!! Yummy!

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    The cranberry turkey Thanksgiving sandwich sounds yummy!
    Thank you

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  36. Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich Surprises recipe.

  37. I like shaping the sandwich with cookie cutters.

  38. Hanh Allmon says:

    I love the recipe section. The sandwiches and wraps are all healthy, portable, and seem easy to make. This set of Rubbermaid lunchbox reminds me of Japanese bento boxes, the idea of which is to have a collection of healthy and colorful assortment of foods. We ‘eat’ with our eyes, and food that are visually appealing with taste better. This is so true when it comes to kids!!

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