Resolving to Live Healthier

January 1, 2012

These are my goals for this year in regards to healthy living.

  • Work Out. period.: ’nuff said.imageLess Soda:  I’ve been on a soda (pop) kick over the last several months. I’m sure it has had some ROLE in the fact that my pants decided to shrink… Winking smile  No more 12 packs of soda in this house. DSC02129
  • Posture and Ergonomics: I sit many hours at this computer per week: and a few weeks ago suffered from tendonitis in my wrists and was unable to type two handed for almost 4 days.  I *need* to make improvements in my workspace that supports my body while I work. I need a new Chair, a keyboard wrist rest, and a footstool of sorts.  DSC02265
  • Baby Steps: Work a little each week on a small change in making myself and my family healthier:
Overlapping with my Blogging Goals:

This is also coming along with a new weekly meme: Fit Family Fridays!

Each Friday starting this coming Friday I will be posting a little bit about something that week that I did to improve the health of my family:  Little or Big – I’ll be posting it and adding a linky for other bloggers to link up their photos, recipes, or stories that go along with ‘Fit Family Fridays’.  I’m really excited for it – and look forward to sharing with everyone a little inspiration on living healthier!


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  1. great plans, I need to cut back on the soda too.

  2. I also need to get rid of the pop. I don’t drink that much as it is but I started buying more the last couple of months then I have in the past year or so. UGH!
    I will try to link up to your new Meme 🙂

  3. Good luck with your new year goals! I plan on cutting out soda too. I only drink diet, but once this case is gone, I’m not buying another one.

    Even diet is bad for you.

    Happy New Year!

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