Remington iCoffee

January 5, 2014

Now that we live in Arizona, I expected to wear shorts and t-shirts all winter, but it does actually get chilly here sometimes! And cooler weather demands hot drinks. Plus, having a baby around means less sleep which demands more coffee!

Cup of iCoffee

The Remington iCoffee

That’s where the iCoffee comes in. After much time and work, Remington came up with a new way to brew coffee: with pre-steam, a permanent filter, and rich crema extraction capabilities.


The SteamBrew Pre-Steam

According to their website, the pre-steam helps unlock the nutrition and flavor of the coffee, similar to how steaming vegetables brings out the best in them. This helps increase the smooth flavors or any coffee grind, rather than the bitter and acidic flavors from drip-brewing.

iCoffee Steam

Peter and his iCoffee

Peter took the iCoffee to work with him, because he definitely needs a cup of coffee most days, sometimes 2 or 3. His thoughts: it brews a creamier coffee, “not bad, just different”. The way he described it, the texture is more creamy and less like coffee flavored water. Though, towards the bottom on the pot, it does seem to have a fine grit. He drinks coffee black, so he likes the bitter, acidic taste. I put more cream and sugar in than there is coffee, so the creamier the better.

iCoffee brewing

Perks of the iCoffee

-Six rotational hot water jets with a brew-viewing window with a light!

-24-hour programmable, 12-cup fully automatic, auto-shut-off with 2-hour keep warm

-Plays Mozart when it’s done. Peter says “kinda cheesy, but better than just beeping”

iCoffee side

Check out the iCoffee Online:






iCoffee setting

I received an iCoffee in exchange for sharing this information with you. Opinions are 100% my own (and Peter’s).

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