Ready to test our new Spiderman Bike Helmets from Bell. Will Spring ever show up?

February 5, 2014

This has been a long brutal winter hasn’t it? My kids have been cooped up indoors for what feels like months already. When it is -40 degrees outdoors they can’t get outside to blow off steam and time seems to drag on and on. The boys have been reminding me that they have new bike helmets and they can’t wait to go for a ride around the neighborhood. If we wish hard enough, will spring show up already?

When I close my eyes and let my imagination take over I can see us, cruising around with the warm sun on our faces. Everyone is happy to be outdoors and we can see the signs that spring is here to stay. Flowers are blooming, birds are chirping and the sun is setting later each evening.

I am called back to the real world when my son Andrew reminds me that he has ice skating lessons in a half an hour. It is time to bundle up and hit the ice.

After bringing my child to skating lessons a few times, I definitely know the importance of helmets. Many of the children there use their bike helmets. We unfortunately didn’t know bike helmets would work for their skating lessons and purchased a hockey helmet for him (without the cage). These kids fall ALL the time! Even though they’re not going so fast to begin with, I’ve still seen a few kids carried off the ice with small injuries that make a big bloody mess on their face. It’s good to know that their brains are protected!

This summer I got a good glimpse of the importance of bike helmets – and quite the fear placed into me as I was finishing up work one day, when our office gets a call about a dental trauma in a child from a fall on his bike. The kid came in crying – with a bowl under his chin, covered in blood. His family was on a bike ride and the kid took a spill. He had cut his lip and knocked out a tooth. I’m guessing he had a few other injuries, but the front tooth coming out was a first priority to get it set back in place. The child was wearing a helmet, which saved his head from major injury.

I went home that night and made sure that my kids and husband understood the importance of helmets. My husband has been known around here for letting the kids ‘get away’ with not wearing their helmets when I’m not around. I guess that it is normal for children to fight against wearing a helmet, because most helmets are not comfortable to wear and they don’t look very cool either. That is all changing with the Spider-Man Web Shooter Child Bike Helmet.

These Spider Man Web Shooter Helmets will save me from the head protection battle with my boys. The days of fighting over the helmet are long gone! This is such a cool helmet that my son doesn’t want to take it off!

Let me tell you a little bit about the Princess Magical Rider and The Spider-Man Web Shooter Child Bike Helmets.

Designed for children 5 and older,  both helmets feature the True Fit fit system that self-adjusts to a perfect fit for your child. The helmets have high-impact reflectors for added visibility and 14 vents help keep your child’s head extra cool for added comfort. I like that they feature a visor and the PinchGuard® buckle system.

As you can see in the photo, my little guy is really anxious to hop on his bike and get out in the world again. When spring finally arrives, I will be glad to send the boys out for a bike riding adventure. I will do so with peace of mind that they are well protected from the spills and wrecks that go together hand in hand with boys and bicycles thanks to the Spider-Man Web Shooter Child’s Bike Helmet.
Do you have a hard time getting your kids to wear a bike helmet? Do you think a cool design would entice them to put the helmet on and keep it on?


  1. shelly peterson says:

    The kids have been anxious to get out side here too, luckily it’s been decent to go out and play. I admit I am guilty of not always assuring helmet use. Hearing these stories makes me realize how important it is every time.

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