Potty Training! We’re SO Close!

July 19, 2011

We hit a major milestone this week!  Monday was the first time Andrew successfully went (#2) on the Potty!!

While we had been trying to potty train him casually over the last few months – every now and again, changing our approach, nothing ever seemed to work.  We talked with him about going potty – we’ve watched more Potty Training movies and read more books about going potty than I can even count.

DSC08775It finally seemed to take hold over this last weekend.

Being that Andrew has successfully peed on the potty on random occasions but then sworn off the potty for long periods at a time – Absolutely throwing tantrums if we asked him to get on the potty – We decided that it was time to take a break.  So we stopped forcing the potty on him, and instead just talked A LOT about using the potty.

DSC08572Lately, Andrew has been super fascinated with the bath tub.  The kid will bathe 3-4 times per day, just so he can play (Yet he rarely the little pool that we bought him).  Every time he gets into the bath tub, he pees. It drives me nuts, because I don’t like him bathing in his pee, it’s kind of pointless!

So anyway, Sunday – before he got into the bath tub, I made him sit on the potty because I knew he’d have to pee.  I turned the bath water on, and he sat on the potty, and peed. No big deal.  Got up and got into the tub.  I could hardly believe how easy that was!

We’ve tried before having him in undies, or pull-ups – but I think he forgets that he’s not in a diaper, and therefore pees on himself.  So this time, we decided just to keep him naked-bottomed for the day.  No diapers unless it’s nap time.

DSC08776And suprisingly?  It WORKED!  He is so concerned about making a mess on the floor (because he’s a clean-freak) that every time he thought he had to go to the bathroom – he would run to the potty.  However, he refused to poop.  All day Sunday he whined and cried when he tooted, but refused to poop.

Monday, the time came when he normally poops, and I told him to just go to the bathroom and sit for a while.  I left the bathroom (previously he had wanted me to stay with him) but I left so he could… focus.

He called out to me that he was ‘touching his toes’ (which is our way of telling him that he might need to lean forward to help the ‘pushing’ process) and then hollered out when he was pooping.  So now this whole week (except when company is here) we are leaving him bare-bottomed.

Here’s to hoping that this continues!!!


  1. Huge steps! Congrats. . . that’s a big deal. 🙂

  2. Oh my gosh! So exciting! Wee ‘Burb I guess is all into the potty at daycare, but at home we’ve only gotten her to even sit on it a few times. But she’s not yet 2, so I’m not pushing it with her.

  3. I like the entry about potty training Andrew! It’s such a joy and enchantment to see
    the kids achieving these milestones!

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