I am a New writer on 5 minutes for parenting!

August 1, 2011

Hey everyone! Just thought I’d share the news!  I recently started a new gig for www.5minutesforparenting.com, where I am a new writer.  Annie from mamadweeb.com has taken over the editing position there, and has chosen me to work with her on this awesome website!  You will find helpful articles about parenting in general, to mommy stuff – and everything in between!

My first article was about how I use the Baby Wise technique for my children – and now I am switching gears totally – to be the new resident Dental Expert Winking smile in “Tooth Fairy Tokens – with Amy”


You can ask me (The Tooth Fairy!) any questions you have about teeth and your children’s teeth!  I’ll be happy to provide short answers for those easier questions, as well as using your questions as ideas on posts for the future!

We’ve already got some great questions coming in! So Join in – and Enjoy!!


  1. Yay – I love your writing style and am so excited to work with you on 5MFP.

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