Morning Sickness Remedies

February 17, 2014

Morning Sickness. Ick. It’s not uncommon to be nauseous in the first trimester. And not always in the morning. I’ve had it pretty good. With Micah, I was just a little nauseous and food just didn’t sound good. With this baby, I’ve had a few really nauseous evenings, for weeks, but mostly been ok. Now that I’m in the second trimester, it’s way better. Nausea varies for everyone. Where one mom might have no nausea, another might be puking daily, another might just think food sounds bad, and a fourth might not be able to even look at certain foods.

Tips to Relieving Nausea during Pregnancy:

1) Find your triggers! What makes your nauseous? Avoid it! It might be certain foods, certain times of the day, certain smells, or even certain movements. Once you notice it, avoid it.

Dr. Brown's Messy Baby2) Ginger. Buy ginger root at the store, break off a piece and keep it handy. Smell it anytime you feel nauseous and see if it helps you!

3) Mint, especially peppermint. Smell mint, drink mint tea, suck on a mint, whatever works! With Micah, I carried around a mint chapstick and smelling or wearing it seemed to take the edge off. FYI, if you drink herbal teas, check out the ingredients. Check out this good blog I found: OR get more information through Baby Center.

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4) Eat carbs and fruits. Spicy foods irritate the stomach, simple carbs and sweet fruits are better. I really go for fruits! Lately I’ve been having a home-made mixed berry smoothie every evening and my nausea has stayed super calm! When I’m at work I don’t have a smoothie and I definitely notice the nausea more between 9 and 11pm.


 5) Small, frequent meals. And crackers. Eat when you feel good, and don’t stuff your stomach so full it hurts.

6) Acupuncture or acupressure. I’ve never tried them myself, but I’ve heard they help.

7) If it’s really bad and you aren’t keeping anything down, talk to your doctor. Some anti-nausea medications are safe during pregnancy, and if you are super dehydrated you might need IV fluids.

Here’s another good site for tips:

Moms and expectant moms, any other good remedies?


  1. Great tips! I FINALLY got over my morning sickness at 19 weeks. What helped for me was anything sour – I would literally suck on a lemon some days. Green apples were great too. Also, my husband would bring me a bowl of yugurt with fruit and granola in bed every morning so that I had a little something in my stomach before I even got out of bed. That made a big difference for me as well.

  2. Sour foods helped for me, too — I ate tons of grapefruit when I was pregnant with my son, and put vinegar on all my food (which sounds really awful now, but at the time it tasted fantastic).

  3. shelly peterson says:

    Sounds like some really good tips, many I have never heard of before. Thank goodness I didnt experience this with any of my pregnancies.

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