My ‘Green Thumb’ Better Start Growing

March 18, 2012

I’ve never been able to grow anything worthwhile – but back when I was in High School and talking to the life coaches in Minneapolis about my career path – I thought it would have been really awesome to go to school to become a horticulturist.  Well, That following summer I tried to grow a garden, but had no success and dealt with a LOT of bugs.   I moved on from that idea.

But ever since then, I’ve been DREAMING of having a place of my own to plant my gardens.  I love home-grown vegetables, and it’s so much more rewarding to eat what you’ve grown – And I see all of my neighbors beautiful gardens, and get totally jealous.

Last summer was our first in a home where we owned the yard.  I tried planting in the garden that ‘came with’ the house… It looked in spring to be a perfect place – so we tilled up the so-called ‘dirt’ and planted some seeds.  Since we had almost NO money available for a garden, I used seeds from a previous year, and bought two tomato plants and two pepper plants.


Needless to say – That perfect spot became quite shaded by the tree that overlooks it – as soon as the leaves grew in.  Also I didn’t realize that the majority of our Dirt was Clay…. The plants didn’t make it very far. I got 3 cucumbers that were about 3” long before they shriveled and died.

It was clear to me after seeing a few raised-bed gardens online, that that was what I was going to need to do.

Move the garden, and buy all new soil.

I put aside a very specific budget for my garden – but big enough that I would be happy with this garden for years to come.  We picked a place in the yard – and since then have elevated our plans to include an entire automated irrigation system so I shouldn’t have to worry too much about the plants drying out.

photo 2

My husband is REALLY getting into it and loves planning out the yard scheme and irrigation system.

I’ll be sharing more about our planting as well.  I know that technically in MN the frost-free date isn’t until May, But with all this great weather, I’m going to give it a shot Winking smile

What’s the loss really if it does freeze again? I pull them, and start over… right? Plus – I found a really cool spray that is supposed to protect your plants from temperatures as low as 9 degrees.  But seeing as it was 80 degrees yesterday, I have a hard time believing it’ll be that low again until next winter.

I’ve got a lot of learning to do, but I’m quite ambitious!

I am planting a flower garden by the mailbox:DSC03033

A shade/bulb garden on the side of the shed:


The raised-bed vegetable garden: – As close to the fence as we can get without getting onto the shade.


Later, towards the end of the summer I have full intentions of pulling all the rocks out of these boxes in the front yard and installing perennials.. Whether that actually happens or not – is up in the air.


Sound like a lot? I think it does – but hopefully it all comes together nicely!!  We’ve got LOTS more to do in the coming years!


  1. Best of luck with your garden! I am not the gardener in the family, my husband is, but I notice we do better and better every year as we learn more about which plants grow best, etc. I’m sure you will find that to be true, too. May this year bring you an abundant harvest 🙂

  2. Gardening for me is a form of relaxation, I love my garden. Happy Gardening!!

  3. Jennifer says:

    Hopefully you have success this year with your garden. I wish I had a yard to plant my stuff in instead of pots. They are sprouting though…Yay!

  4. I love gardening. It is my time to get away by myself and relax. I actually learned a ton from my mil and my husband (mil owns a greenhouse business( and now I know more than my hubby. As you go you will learn a lot.

    • See, I wish I had someone that could teach me more… I’m just going for it, and whatever works or doesn’t work this year – we’ll adjust next year. I already feel like the garden is TOO small for what I want to plant though! ha! My husband rolls his eyes at me when i tell him that..

  5. Betty Baez says:

    Aaw don’t feel alone I apparently don’t have a green thumb either the only thing I’ve been able to grow are flowers but I think anyone can just lay seeds down lol, I have friends who have massive gardens in their yard with tomatoes, lettuce, zucchini, cabbage, herbs, I could go on, I just don’t know why I can’t even grow one 🙁

  6. Keep at it! Don’t give up! you will learn more every year. There is a lot of helpful hints on gardening online. Good luck this year. I know you will do great!

  7. Are those folding tomato cages? That would be a good idea!

    I tried planting on the side of our house, and it did surprisingly well. So next year I will do compost and fertilizer and I’m hoping for much much better!

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