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November 5, 2012

listening to music on laptopAs a work at home mom, a lot of my time is spent listening to Itsy Bitsy Spider on repeat or nodding through another of my four year old son’s renditions of the Imperial March from Star Wars.  It’s a noisy, fun life between calls to clients!  While that’s a very special moment and I know I will miss it someday, sometimes I want to retreat to my office with some hot tea and music for me.

A work at home parent’s office space needs to be a haven and a place that encourages productivity and creativity.  After you’ve finished your music download,  make a playlist of songs that make you want to grin!  (If you have some music already downloaded that you love, you can use programs to convert mp3s so that you can play them on a different device.)  Mix up your music with downloads of speeches and lessons from motivational speakers or leaders in your industry that you look up to to give you some extra juice throughout your work time.

Find some motivational posters or just beautiful art that makes you smile and put it nearby.  Make a collage of all of the things that motivate you to succeed and put it right where you can see it.  Don’t put money on your collage!  Money is just a means to an end, so put that end.  Find pictures of your dream vacation destination, the car you would love to drive, a school you want to be able to pay for your children to attend.  Find a goal worth working toward and put it right in your own face.

Working from home can mean trying to achieve the ultimate work-life balance as the things that are precious to you are probably hovering around you while you work, but that’s the rewards.  Make your “home office” a haven full of music and beauty to work happier and more efficiently so that you can spend more time enjoying the “home” part.


BrookeAbout the Author: Brooke is the Work-At-Home mom behind When We Work Together, a site dedicated to helping people in direct sales, blogging, and other business adventures succeed.  When not conquering the business world one tutorial at a time, she’s caring for a three year old and four year old boy and enjoying break time with tea and Pinterest.

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  1. Sandy VanHoey says:

    My daughter will soon be changing jobs and working from home and we have to convert a bedroom to her office. Great tips…thanks!

  2. kelly willis says:

    i reallyneed to make my own office i am a stay at home mom and also sell avon as a break but right now my computer and stuff is in living room so sometimes that doesnt help get work done

  3. An espresso machine would be a nice addition to a home office too!

  4. michelle riebeek says:

    I love the idea of making your home office a haven I think that can be said for every area of the home! 🙂

  5. Our office is such a work in progress, I will have my sanity back once we have some storage and we can bring down all of the office goodies from an upstairs closet! I can wait for it to have “haven” status!

  6. i need to make one of the collages!

  7. Great advice! It’s definitely hard sometimes to separate your children’s interests from your own.

  8. vickie couturier says:

    I have a office an still need to redo it so its more for me an not for the grandkids

  9. You are so right! Especially for us bloggers who work at home, we need inspiration other than our home, which only inspires me to clean! lol so I put nice candles & aromatherapy 🙂 and of course like you, Music!

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