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July 10, 2013

Celebrating the Fourth of July with a Baby!

The Fourth of July is a great American celebration and Micah spent the week celebrating the way most Americans would love to: a good game of softball, a trip to the beach, and relaxing with friends on the Fourth. And he handled the fireworks like a pro, watching in awe and barely flinching with the booms. America needs a lot of changes and is no where near perfect, but it is great to celebrate our freedom and give our thanks to all those who make that freedom possible.

Bringing Baby to a Softball Game

On Monday we watched daddy play softball. He plays on a church league and it’s super fun to watch people play sports without yelling or swearing, and people almost always tell the truth on close plays. And we love watching daddy hit and play second! Plus, there are always lots of little friends to play with and Micah LOVES other little kids.

Ball game baby 2Ball game baby

Baby at the Beach

On a day we both (miraculously) had off, we loaded Micah in out bike trailer and headed to our local Foster Arends Beach. I thought he’d be upset about the cold water but he actually handled it very well! He loved sitting on the edge of the water and playing in the sand, and then went in further to swing and stand in the water. The sun was bright but with sunscreen, swim shirt, and his sun hat, baby Micah loved the trip.

Beach Bum

Babies can Love the Fourth of July

I worked on the Fourth, so Peter got Micah ready and enjoyed some daddy-son time until I came home and joined the fun. We have a great view of the fireworks from our backyard, so we had a good-sized group of friends over, and Micah is a people-person so he loved making the rounds. He started the party in the pool with his cousin Molly. It was a great way for the little ones to stay cool on a hot day. He also sucked on some watermelon, played with other friends, and then went to bed.

Baby LoveSwimming

Can a Baby Tolerate Fireworks?

About halfway through the fireworks show, he woke up and I decided to risk bringing him out to watch. It was phenomenal! He was totally focused on the fireworks, squinting through the bright flashes, and barely even flinched at the sounds! I could just see his mind going “So THIS is what you all do after I go to bed!”


And of course, Peter is a pyro, so we had fun with some little fireworks of our own. And no trips to the ER!

Pyro Daddy

Then he went to bed and was almost instantly asleep….Tired out baby!

Butt up


  1. Robin Wilson says:

    Wow ~ baby had a busy, busy day! It looks like a wonderful family day for all. I especially love the 2nd pic taken during the fireworks. The look on Micha’s face is absolutely priceless. Thanks for sharing your family day.

  2. Belinda B says:

    How fun! My baby 8 month old girl watched the fireworks on the 4th. She loved them and kept reaching up like she was trying to tough them 🙂

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