image Me & Goji is a custom cereal making company.  Does that sound weird to you?  It did to me at first – but then I thought about all the great benefits of customizing your own cereal!  It’s everything you’re going to love in your very own cereal – and all healthy ingredients!     
mommy-munchiesThe thing I immediately fell in love with on their website is that they have suggestions for cereals that work (under ‘our recipes’) – and why.  I’m a nursing mom – so my eyes went straight for that nursing mom’s cereal. In the explanation of the cereal it states this:
“Many nursing moms are extremely hungry and crave something sweet. Our cereal creation provides complex carbs, fiber and protein to fill up the new mom. It also helps kick that sweet tooth while providing the nutrients she (and her baby) needs most.”
How true is that?!  I notice that I’m constantly hungry and craving sweets. I rarely crave sweets when not nursing, but something about these hormones of mine – really gets my sweet tooth goin’. So this is where I started. 
Then I customized it to my liking: I’m much more of a ‘flakes’ kind of person than a ‘hoops’ kind of person. So I selected the artisanal cereal as my main ingredient and the multigrain O’s as my secondary. 
smallgojio   smallartisinal
Each ingredient you select shows what its great properties are; whether that be high in fiber, antioxidant power, etc..
I’m not a huge fan of cranberries but I wanted to try and stay close to some of the properties of my original ‘nursing formula’ because I wanted it to satisfy my sweet tooth and fill me up.  So I looked for high fiber and protein, but sweet ingredients. I picked raspberries and bananas. Then I realized I had three fruits, so I eliminated the Golden Berries.  See how my cereal starts becoming MY cereal?
smallraspberries  smallbananas
I did keep the flax and pecan’s, because I figure i’ll hardly notice them and they’re good for higher fiber and protein counts, which is great! 
  smallbrownflaxseed     smallpecan 
The last thing I did – was add a touch of chocolate.  I had seen on an earlier screen that they had cocoa dusted almonds.  Yum!!! Added those in for a bonus treat to look forward to every morning.
I love that you can see as your building your cereal all the nutritional values it will have.  My cereal contains 171.9 Calories per serving; 6g fat; 5.8g Dietary Fiber; and 4.2g Protein.

ourcerealcapsulesWhen you’re ready to check out you get to name your cereal – I named it A & E Delight, (For Andrew and Ethan Delight!)  You also have the option to upload a picture to the cereal box for an extra $2.99.  This would be great as a gift to someone, or if you plan on using the tube longer and want a picture on it!
I could really go on and on and on about the endless options that Me & Goji Cereal creations has – and all the varieties that I would choose and why; but really – you’re just going to have to check it out for yourselves!

How did my cereal taste??? MmmmMmmMmm!! It was sooo good! I love the raspberries and the banana’s mixed together. Of course when I opened the box for the first time it was right in the middle of my move; and so I was sitting in the passenger seat of our car driving a load of boxes to the new house – so I started munching. Man it was so delicious! Even Joe loved it. I had to cut him (ok, us..) off or I’d never see the cereal in a bowl with milk.  February 2011 111 I do have to say though, that I *LOVED* the Cocoa Almonds – but I loved them best plain vs. mixed in. The cereal mixture just didn’t do the cocoa’ almonds justice. So each day as an almond landed in my bowl; I picked it out and ate it for a delicious pre-breakfast treat. 😉
The cereal I made here would cost $13.50 to make.  Considering that a capsule of cereal gives you twice as many servings as a box of cereal – and you’re getting all-natural, hand-mixed cereal with your very own creation involved, that’s a great deal!
Well, I think y’all get my excitement about Me & Goji Cereals! Now. One very lucky reader is going to get hooked onto their very own creation of cereal, because Me & Goji is offering one of my readers the chance to…

WIN IT!!!!
One Lucky Reader will win a capsule of custom cereal creation from Me & Goji!
This first entry is MANDATORY.  Go to the Me & Goji website, and look through the ‘our recipes’ section. Tell me what you would start with and why.  If you would start from scratch, tell me some ingredients you would choose and why.
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