BellaBeat Leaf Review

A woman’s health is a huge aspect of her life! Health is made up of some many things, including activity level, relaxation time, sleep, and menstrual cycle! There are a lot of step-counters out there, but the new big thing in women’s health-tracking is the BellaBeat LEAF! TheBellaBeat LEAF handles a TON of health-related tracking, provides reminders, and is a lovely addition to any outfit!
BellaBeat Leaf Review
The BellaBeat LEAF is a step-counter, activity-tracker, relaxation encourager, medication-reminder, menstrual cycle tracking piece of beautiful jewelry! And if that isn’t enough things for one little leaf, it also includes meditation exercises, calorie counts, sleep tracking and communicates with your smartphone through Bluetooth! All you have to do is pull out the tag, download the app and connect!
BellaBeat Leaf Review

Wearing the LEAF:

There are multiple options for wearing: necklace, bracelet, or clip. As a clip, you can put it on our shirt, bra, underwear, or wherever else you feel secure slipping it on! The bracelet takes a minute to understand, but it’s adjustable to many wrist sizes and can be worn on either wrist. The first time I wore my LEAF as a bracelet, it felt a bit bulky but I quickly got used to it and enjoyed the look and light-weight feel. It has a battery life off up to 186 days, so I don’t have to remove it at night, or ever, for charging. (Speaking of the battery, it’s in the back closed with teeny tiny star screws, for which a teeny tiny screwdriver and extra screws are included in the set).
BellaBeat Leaf Review

Using the LEAF:

The LEAF easily connects to the smartphone app via Bluetooth. There is a refresh button in the top corner to update the stats, which happens very quickly. Then you can swipe and scroll through each of the categories and sub-categories, more in a minute. You can also set alarms and reminders for the LEAF to vibrate at certain times or certain intervals. For example, I have mine set to vibrate in the AM when I take my birth control, and to vibrate if I’ve been sedentary for 1.5 hours. The vibration is very soft and doesn’t even begin to wake me up from sleeping, but it is a good gentle reminder to take my pill or stand up and move around a bit.
BellaBeat Leaf Review

BellaBeat LEAF: Activity

The BellaBeat LEAF tracks steps taken, distance moved, calories burned being alive and active, and minutes of activity. You can set a minute goal so you can quickly see within the bar chard if you’ve achieved your goal. The step tracker seems to only start counting if I’ve been up and moving for more than just to the kitchen to grab a snack. Thus, it consistently shows fewer steps than my other pedometer. For the LEAF to count an activity, it seems to have to last at least 5 minutes, which makes sense in a fitness format. The app uses bar graphs to show you your activity through the day so you can note when you are most and least active.
The calories portion of the LEAF includes both calories burned simply by being alive (calculated by your height and weight and considered your base need) as well as calories burned by the amount of activity it’s sensed. This is a great way to get a quick reminder of about how many calories you burn in any given day, and you can see the difference your activity level makes.

BellaBeat LEAF: Relaxation

The LEAF has a wide variety of relaxation type activities that you simply click on and listen to for 2 or 10 minutes to help you relax, refocus, and get back to life. They are actually pretty soothing and I need to purposefully listening to them each day. Resting periods are important for your body to slow down and restore itself to continue taking on the day’s events. This is a great, simple place for a woman to take a breather without having to find a certain app or other materials for relaxation. Just plug in headphones, choose a meditation and relax! The LEAF can even sense your breathing to detect if you are breathing along with the exercise.

BellaBeat LEAF: Sleep

The BellaBeat LEAF even reads your sleep movements at night! It notices when you activity level stops for the evening (as you go to bed) and picks back up in the morning. It uses different shades of purple for movement in bed overnight so you can get an idea of how well you are sleeping. It does detect non-movement in the evening as going to bed. For example, I watched a good amount of tv one evening and was quite sedentary doing so, then my LEAF thought I had gone to bed and had a short period of awake before the time I actually went to bed. This is easily remedied: the first time you update after sleeping, it shows the times it thinks you went to bed and got up, then you can easily edit the times if it’s wrong.
BellaBeat Leaf Review

BellaBeat LEAF: Menstrual Cycle

I’m on birth control, so I don’t use the menstrual cycle monitoring very much. This section has the ability for you to input your menstrual cycle and how long it lasts as well as pain, mood, flow and sexual activity. This can be helpful for women trying to track fertility for natural family planning or other reasons.
BellaBeat Leaf Review

BellaBeat LEAF: Other Perks

On top of all these great things, the LEAF has little tips at the bottom, such as how sleep affects your health. It also has encouraging messages here and there, like when I’ve met my activity or sleep goals.
The whole piece is very lightweight and easy to wear, plus it feels and looks beautiful! The clip is easy to clip to my shirt, bra or underwear and stays on quite securely. It can be jostled loose  with force but doesn’t simply fall off when I bend over. It’s also small enough to slip into my pocket when I’m too lazy to do anything else with it!
BellaBeat Leaf Review
Overall, the BellaBeat LEAF is a beautiful piece of jewelry that can track so much! It can be as multi-useful as I want it to be, so I can use it as much or as little as I want. I enjoy being able to track my activity and sleep and hope to use it more in the future for meditation and mood tracking. I love that I don’t have to remember to charge it ever. And did I say it’s beautiful?!? I feel prettier and more fit just for wearing it!
Check out BellaBeat for yourself online and on Facebook and Twitter for more information or to purchase a LEAF!