Layered Patriotic Cupcakes for the 4th of July!

June 27, 2011

Layered_cupcakesSo last year for the 4th of July I decided to get… Fancy.  With Layered Cupcakes!

4th_July_Cupcakes_02 4th_July_Cupcakes_04

I made the Yummiest, and most festive cupcakes I could possibly bring myself to make.  We went to a large party on the 4th, and had a blast.  Everyone loved them!


White or Yellow Cake mix + whatever the box calls for
Red + Blue Food coloring (the good kind, gel or paste)
White Frosting
Red Melting Candy
Star-Shaped Mold
Red-White-Blue sprinklesDirections:
Make cake mix as directions on box instruct you to do so.  Divide cake mix into three bowls.  Color one bowl with red coloring, and one with blue coloring.
Layer blue, then white then red (or however you’d like) cake mix into cupcake papers – Be careful not to over-fill!!  (the ones in the picture above are overfilled… so, don’t do that Winking smile)
Bake as directed.
Meanwhile, melt red candy and pour into star shaped molds. Refrigerate until hardened.
Frost cupcakes with white frosting. add sprinkles and star shaped candies!

***Please don’t pay attention to the quality of the photos.  We had a hard drive failure last year, and my pictures from last summer are pretty much gone.  So I pulled these from Facebook where I had posted them last year.***

I’d love to see more adventures of 4th of July Baking ideas!!  What have you done before??


  1. Robyn Ely says:

    Looks so cute and easy ! Thanks

  2. Those look delicious! Thanks!

  3. yum! I could do this with gluten free cupcakes too! Thanks for the idea.

  4. These are so cute! I will have to keep them in mind for next year!

  5. Sandy VanHoey says:

    You do a lot of great things when it comes to cooking and baking. My daughter loves making cupcakes and all of her friends has her making them for all occasions. Be careful or you’ll get asked to. Nice job you did with these!

  6. Robin Wilson says:

    These are just lovely! I think they are beautiful without any frosting on them. We love to make cupcakes rather than a whole cake the majority of the time. They are so much easier to eat and store for us. Thank you for this recipe, it will be one we are sure to make!

  7. shelly peterson says:

    These are super cute! So festive! I love the layer idea and really you can layer any colors you want for what ever the occasion is.

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