Just a few really cute stories from this weekend…

October 17, 2011

Andrew and I have been talking a lot about Genesis chapter 1.  Singing songs and reading through and talking about all the beautiful creations that God made.

So it was pretty cloudy out in the morning, and we were standing at the counter getting ready to butter the toast that just popped out of the toaster – when the sun pops through the clouds and right onto the countertop.  Andrew jumps in joy and says…

“God made the Sun shine in *my* kitchen!!”

So sweet!


Then … on the other end Winking smile 

A little later in the day – he grabbed my iPod Touch – and ran into the bathroom and closed the door.  5-10 minutes later I was like… “Where’s Andrew??”  so I go searching… and there he is, still on the potty – playin’ a game.

He was in there for over 30 minutes.



  1. ha:) My son will sit there playing on a phone or looking at toys in a magazine…boys is right:)!

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