I’m Paranoid that Lice is going to Take Over our Home.

January 11, 2012

Is it weird that I *often* worry about Lice??

No. This is not a sponsored post, or an advertorial. This is my very own Freaky Stuff here Open-mouthed smile

I mean.  I honestly worry EVERY TIME that I drop the kids off at the gym daycare, or at church even – about THE DAY when Lice hits our house..

Its almost an obsession.

I’m sure it has everything to do with my extreme fear of spiders as well, because lice and spiders really are two of the same.. they’re tiny, they’ve got legs, and they are NASTY lookin’.

<normally I’d insert a photo here, but I’m not going to.>

Every time I think about lice, I itch my head too.. its just creepy.

I got this email today from our local hair place talking about deals for haircuts – and then their lice preventing shampoo/conditioner/sprays are on sale. 


So – My Question

Do you use anything special to prevent lice? 

Do you think it’s worth getting – or know anything about the effectiveness of this or other lice prevention products?

I’ve almost considered buying one of those lice zapper things for the hair and using it daily on my boys just in case…

Because I honestly believe I will have to be committed into a mental ward if I get lice in my hair.


  1. Sonya Morris says:

    My kids bringing home lice is a fear of mine! I have heard horror stories of what people have to do to get rid of them! I always tell my kids not to use other kids hairbrushes or try on their hats and vice versa!

  2. Ughhh…I remember getting lice ONE TIME, when I was in Kindergarten. I think we got it from the kids a few doors down. They were always dirty and my mom babysat them sometimes. It was AWFUL! I remember freaking out when my mom used the itty bitty comb on my hair and showed me the bugs and their eggs. Talk about GROSS!!!! I don’t use anything special now to prevent lice, but once my babies are in school, that will more than likely change. I HATE bugs! Eeeek!

  3. Heather Stewart says:

    Lice is horrible and understand your concern. My family just went through having lice last week. It sucked because it was like 9:00 at night by the time I realized we had it. Sent hubby off to store to get stuff, while I washed all our bedding. Once hubby was back we washed hair, and picked them out. That was fun (Not!) The next day was spent washing everything. I spent all day long doing laundry. I still have no clue where we picked it up, or for that matter how long we had it before knowing it was lice. My head had been itching for weeks, and it was only when my niece discovered she had lice did we realize that so did we. So if you have an itchy head…don’t assume its dry scalp or dandruff. Check it out. As for preventing lice, I hadn’t even heard of preventative products until now so I have no idea if they work or not.

    • Oh. My. GoD. Gaahhh!! This freaks me out!! So you could have had them in your hair for weeks?!! Gosh, my head never itches until I read about this type of stuff… so hopefully that’s a good sign..

      • Heather Stewart says:

        yeah, it kind of freaks me out wondering if I had them in my head for weeks. I just assumed since I live in the desert and my skin was dry and cracking, that maybe my scalp was itching because of dryness too. Lice didn’t even cross my mind then because as far as I knew, I hadn’t been around anybody that had it.

  4. I won some kind of electronic lice device thing in a giveaway…and I have it ready and waiting if we ever need it!

    Lice rank right up there with bedbugs for me – nightmare!!

    • Yeah, OMG BedBugs?!! Another thing, right there. I’d burn my house down I think… hahaha!!

      Yeah, that’s the thing I heard about – it’s electronic and zapps the bugs out! *quiver*itch*

  5. Carla Garcia says:

    Lice. oh my. I have 3 children, all boys. I do fear them coming home with lice. very much so. However, I think I will be ok if that should happen. This is surprising since I have clinically diagnosed OCD (germaphobia/chemicals). I have done CBT therapy for the OCD, which has helped some. I really need to go back. Anyway, one thing I learned is to stop and think about the fact, the odds, worse case scenerio, ect. The reality is that lice are a bother, but do not HARM you. They annoy the crap out of you and are gross, but they in no way actually harm you. They do not carry diseases and so forth. My ultimate fear is raoches because they DO carry diseases and can harm you. Lice, a pain to deal with, but not going to kill you. Now, maybe I am a little more at ease with this cause I am the only female in the house out of 5 people so I can shave all the boys down. LOL and I *will* give buzz cuts the day someone comes home with lice and I will get a very short boy cut. I am serious! But, yeah, totally creepy, but survivable.

    and thank you for not posting a picture!

    • Yeah. I guess buzz cuts would be in order here too. Probably even on myself (… or not…)

      But. you’re VERY welcome. I wouldn’t be able to handle the google search on them even if I *did* want to include some sort of photo.
      I was thinking about finding a picture of a girl scratching her head with lice, but then I thought of all the other results that would come up, and I’d like to sleep tonight 😀

      I’m not OCD really, but man, I’ve got issues with crawly things.
      I’ll probably make a whole post about this (or maybe I have already!) but at one point in time I lived in a basement and didn’t care too much about bugs. I didn’t LOVE them, but they didn’t bother me.
      Then, while staying at my in-laws house once, I awoke in the middle of the night with a crawly feeling across my face/lips. I just thank God every time I think about this that I sleep with my mouth closed… I woke up my husband and told him that something just crawled across my mouth – he TOTALLY didn’t believe me and wouldn’t wake up to check the bed… Then not but 2 minutes later he JUMPS out of bed because something crawled on his leg. We turned the lights on and found a 3-5″ centipede in the bed. Yep. It crawled across my lips. *quiver*
      A few years later we lived in his parents basement for a few months, and I honestly would NOT get in bed until every blanket had been inspected – and I’d wake up often in the middle of the night to do another bed inspection. I was seriously paranoid non-stop.
      It took me almost 4 years to get OUT of the habitual bed-checking phase…
      And even now if I get a little crawly, I still have to check.

  6. I am glad I am not the only one who worries about lice. It totally freaks me out. I get all itchy thinking about it. Then I make my husband check my head and the kids :).. Yes I know.. But I do use tea tree oil diluted in a spray bottle that I spritz on their heads before they go to school or anything. Lice hate tea tree oil and dirty hair too by the way.

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