How I Save Money by Shopping Online

June 20, 2012

Many people that have internet access have shopped online a time or two. I’d venture to say most moms have shopped online, especially for birthday and Christmas gifts.

I know I started getting addicted to shopping online when I realized how much cheaper it was to save with Promo Codes for Amazon  and combine those codes with Subscribe & Save!


Combining the discounts here gets you diapers for 19 cents each!  That’s a great deal for size 4 diapers.

While shopping online can be convenient and often times less expensive than going to the store, you also need to know your prices – and compare often. 

In addition to reading reviews, I almost always want to see and read an items box fully before I decide to buy something.  So often times I go to the store first, decide what I want – and then use my trusty iPhone apps (I use ShopSavvy) to scan the barcode, telling me all the local store prices, as well as doing an online search of the prices.

More often than not, the items are less expensive online – but shipping can often throw that price off:  So that’s when I start check online for coupon codes.


Not everyone has time to search the internet for coupon and promo codes daily, so there are sites that do it for you. This saves you time and ensures that you’re getting the best deals, with legitimate codes.

Finding FREE Coupon and Promo Codes

Recently: I went to a coupon code site – where it asked me to enter my credit card information just to get the coupon code!

What?!! I’m trying to SAVE money!! Not spend it!

I was NOT going to pay to get the codes – so I needed to find out how to get free Coupon Codes online.  

You can do all the work trying to search forums that are full of other deal hunters and bargain shoppers. Or you can use Google or another search engine to find coupon codes, but I think it’s best when you can find Coupon Code for Home Decorators and check the discounts for Sears all in one stop.


Many consumers say they’ve never used promo codes while shopping online.

With all that money out there to be saved, why not save it?

So, before you shop, think about how much money you will be wasting if you don’t use coupons and codes available to you and keep an eye out for promo codes that can help you do just that!



  1. I am amazed at the number of people I run into who think the whole coupon thing is a waste of time. I use a series of maneuvers each time I shop to get the best price because I WANT to keep as much of my money when I shop. If others want to throw it away, I have no qualm with that, but if they ever realized how much they are throwing away…. they might reconsider coupons.

    • Exactly!! I definitely try my best to save as much as possible when I shop. I’m such a bargain hunter. It *KILLS* me when I go to target and the cashier asks, ‘any coupons today?’ and I have to cringe and say… Noooooo!!! 🙁 Most the time when I run to target for SOMETHING QUICK – it’s never planned, and I never remember coupons. So I stay away as much as possible… haha!
      but – to the grocery store, dude – coupons are CASH. This weekend alone, I’m planning a double couponing trip worth over $300 in coupons!

  2. I love coupon codes but should really look into using them more. I don’t see how anyone would not want to save money if you can! Thanks for the tips!

  3. I especially love some programs like Amazon Mom that give you the discounts on diapers and other sites that do $10 off or the like for new customers. 🙂

    • Yeah – I miss the bigger discount I used to get from them…. I was getting 15-30% off when I did subscribe and save with amazon mom – but then they stopped it for me, like a year later or something. If I would have known that, I would have stocked up on diapers. SO…. note:If you’re GETTING the bigger discounts – buy as much as you can handle to buy! You’ll miss the discount later 🙁

      But. $0.19/ea is a great price, and I’m buying a few boxes of them at that price, just because I know i’ll need them eventually – and when I REALLY need them, they’ll be $0.24/ea, lol!

  4. I love Amazon, but coupons, I just don’t get it lol.

  5. I love shopping online, or just shopping in general and if i can use coupons or get other deals im all for it.

  6. Natalie S says:

    This is really neat and helpful info – I should really start using coupons more often especially now that we are about to have 3 kids! Get tips on Amazon buys!

  7. Thank you so much for posting this. Great ideas for me to use. Thanks again. =)

  8. I almost shop exclusively online. Between coupons, no tax, and free shipping, most of the times I can get items cheaper online.

  9. We do a lot of shopping online…it’s silly not to keep it as an option. If you don’t need an item ON the day you shop, you can most times find a code for free ship at least. For us, the time saved when our lives are so busy and the GAS saved from not running around is worth the wait. One thing we do is scout for ideas when we are out and get an idea of the products and quality of the different brands. Then when we do order the item, we know what we are getting. That handy-dandy phone app is great too. And with the smart phones, you can punch in your ideas for people when you are out and about. For us, we often find items but our budget and household space does not always allow to buy so far ahead. Coupon codes are SO easy to find…I think people think it’s difficult. Many you find will take you to a direct link to the product. Easy Peasy! And don’t forget about the handful of really reputable online shopping “centers” that give you a percentage of cash back. I LOVE them!

  10. Michael Crowley says:

    Thank you for the article. Very interesting info!

  11. I so need an IPhone. Do you know how many hours I spend comparing prices for things! I have so much more respect now for the line “there’s an app for that”. I jest, but it is true.

  12. Sherry Compton says:

    My daughter does a lot of online researching and shopping. She spends a lot of time doing it but saves me quite a bit of money. I’m glad you mentioned coupons and shipping costs. When I am ready to order, my daughter does a search looking for coupons for that store. It’s amazing how much you can save!

  13. I think that I will tell my sister how she can save money online by buying her diapers there! Diapers can be very exspensive!

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