Home Office, or Not? That IS the question.

July 28, 2011

Lately I’ve been spending so much time at the computer, you might think that I was glued to my chair.

DSC09090My poor computer chair, is definitely feeling the grunt of this blogging labor…  My computer desk is also taking quite the beating.  Between how my chair and desk don’t fit together and therefore making dents and holes and scratches all over.

Its almost embarrassing having people over to our house and having my ‘office’ be in the living room…  But where else is it going to go??

DSC09089We were finally able to clean out our spare bedroom because we had company over last weekend who needed to use the spare room as their bedroom.  But now I’m torn whether I want to move the desk for my home office down to that bedroom and have my own office space? Or whether I want to set up all of my crafts in there vs. being in boxes in the garage…

DSC09095There are pros and cons to each.

With my office being upstairs, I can be in the living room in close proximity to the kids playing on the living room floor, close to the kitchen so I can cook and blog at the same time.  It also means that the upstairs always looks more messy because of all of my ‘projects’ going on, and my ugly desk and chair are upstairs.

With my office having it’s very own room, I can claim it as a real home office on my taxes, I can leave it a little bit messier if needed – have my papers more widely spread and then close the door on it.  I would have the space to put a modular home office set in the room and therefore have a pretty area to sit and work on, and hopefully be able to stay more imageorganized that way.  But this means that the kids will be downstairs in my office for some of the day – or I’d have to leave them upstairs playing while I go send a quick email.  Or if I’m cooking, I’d have to be sure to stay upstairs, and not go back and forth between the two.  I also wouldn’t have a space for crafts (which I already don’t have the time for).

So while I have no idea about what to do with my second bedroom, I just leave it as is.  Practically empty.  It is kind of nice having one room that is always clean Smilealogo4


  1. I vote — leave the “office” where it is – at least until the boys are bigger. My desk is in the dining/living room – messy desk n all! You know me – “a messy house is a lived in house” – no museum for me! lol

  2. I have to agree with Gretta unless you get enough off your taxes to close in a play room. About the cooking though – if it were downstairs you make specific time frames for things. Like wouldn’t it be nice to make a *small* craft with Andrew or read part of a book with things are cooking instead of running back to blogging? Whichever way gets us the most giveaways to enter – just sayin
    Gladys P

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