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September 13, 2013

I Comply with GuidlelinesFeeding a baby can be messy. SUPER messy.  When Micah was just starting to eat food, it seemed like he got more food on his clothes, highchair, hands, and face than in his mouth. I remember sticking a little spoonful of food into his wide open mouth, then looking away for half a second to put the spoon back in the bowl. Looking back up at him, he had both hands successfully COVERED in spinach and was proceeding to spread it on his cheeks, forehead, and high chair. Peter always thinks I’m crazy because (somehow) he always manages to keep Micah clean through a meal, where I have to use a bib and clean up with two paper towels to keep things even remotely clean!IMG_3396Then the other day, I was trying to show a friend that Micah will eat and eat as long as food is put in front of him, and he chose that moment to decide he does not like apricots and refused to eat them.IMG_3374Micah also enjoys chewing on pickles. PICKLES! He’ll suck all the juice out of any pickle slices we give him. He also seems to enjoy lemons and orange slices. Silly boy.

A Little About Happy Family

Happy Family produces delicious, nutritious, organic foods for babies, toddlers, and kids. Peter and I think they taste pretty good for adults too! Their brands include: Happy Baby, Happy Tot, Happy Bellies, Happy Puffs, Happy Yogis, Happy Squeeze and more. They are very innovative and constantly coming up with new brands and flavors combinations for everyone’s enjoyment! They include super foods and want your kiddos to get the best nutrition possible with foods that include things like Salba, the super chia, probiotics, and Choline for brain health. Happy Family is interested in your children’s health and that of the world, so with every product sold, the company supports Project Peanut Butter, a nonprofit that feeds starving children in Malawi, Mali and Sierra Leone.IMG_3412

Like Coupons?

Right now you can find a $1 off Happy Family coupon on their facebook page! IMG_3402

For more information, visit Happy Family on their website, facebook, or twitter. 


  1. Adorable pictures! My daughter loves this brand, too.

  2. LOL what a cutie! I love the one with the pickles.

  3. My Grandson is 4 and he is still super messy. Project Peanut Butter sounds like a wonderful cause

  4. He is such a cutie! His eyes are so mesmerizing! I love how this product almost completely eliminates the mess involved with feeding a baby, and the organic ingredients are also a plus!

  5. He is so cute and sounds like a pretty good eater. I love the convenience and cleanliness of the pouch!

  6. We love their foods in my house. Madison actually always need to have their puffs so there’s always a stash in her baby bag. Your son is too cute especially with that pickle. 🙂

  7. I liked his photo with a pickle in his mouth, so adorable! Anyway, I have a 19 months old son and definitely wants to feed him only healthy foods. Thanks for sharing this, I’ll surely check their website.

  8. I used these for my kiddo on our roadtrip cross country road trip. So much easier to travel with than the spoons and jars.

  9. I love that photo with the pickle. Too cute! These packs are much easier to use when traveling.

  10. Adorable kid!

  11. I love organic baby food! It makes me feel better knowing I’m giving my child REAL food and not some crazy concoction that tastes so nasty even I won’t eat it. I mean seriously….chicken and pears baby food? who would eat that stuff? But they expect your baby too? Doesn’t make sense to me. I much prefer kid food like the Happy Family stuff.

  12. Adorable pics! When my son was younger he was a handful at feeding time! This brings back great memories.

  13. Ohhh your little ones . SO ADORABLE! :*

  14. What cute pictures! And wow he looks like he is enjoying that pickle! xx

  15. sarah clegg says:

    omg wot a cute baby!! loving the pickle picture-super cute!!!!

  16. hahaha Oh my I love the picture with the pickle! So cute, totally made me laugh!

  17. Heehee, that pickle photo of Micah made me giggle! More adorable photos please x

  18. You have such a cute baby! Happy Family is very easy to pack in the diaper bag and not worry about breaking.

  19. The Pickle picture is too much! So cute. Love it! Sounds like this baby food product is a keeper too!

  20. Love the pickle photo. lol. I may be crazy, but I buy those types of squeeze vegetables for snacks for everyone in the family. They are good and good for you. lol

  21. He’s so cute! We love Happy Tot foods. Our son has enjoyed everything from that brand. How funny about the pickles!

  22. I think it is awesome that he will eat pickles. I love these juices and the packaging that they come in. Makes it easier to save unfinished portion and makes less of a mess.

  23. I love Happy Tots too! My daughter uses these pouches all the time.

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