Great Gifts for NEW moms! Let’s Dish!

May 10, 2012

I’m really sorry for those of you who are not in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area – because I’m about to make you all really jealous of my new ‘gig’.

I’ve been working with a few other local bloggers (Jen from and Erin from on a very awesome and exclusive behind-the-scenes showcase of Let’s Dish!.

With Let’s Dish – you make nutritious, restaurant-caliber meals your family will love – with no trips to the grocery store, no time-consuming preparations, and no messy clean-up – all for LESS per serving than it costs to buy take-out or fast food.
Let’s Dish! is an innovative store where you can make (or pick up) family-friendly dishes designed to be frozen and cooked when you need them. Unlike frozen food from the grocery aisle, these dishes taste fresh and homemade – because they are.


Last Wednesday night – the three of us met up with Darcy, the owner of Let’s Dish! for a session – so we could experience what it was like to Dish! and have some first-hand experience at how great of an asset it is to go Dish! for your family.

Not only was it so fun – it was SO easy!

I literally went to a station, and everything was set up for me!
It told me exactly what I needed to grab, and all the proper measuring spoons and cups were in the proper containers – where I just grab it and fill it up.  Each meal took me about 4-5 minutes to put together – and then put a label on it, put it in the fridge and move on to the next meal.


I didn’t have to clean up either! Which is always awesome!

Let’s Dish is super awesome not only for yourself – but they’re a perfect gift for new moms too!


My MOPS leader just had a baby two weeks ago, so I dished a meal for her family as well!  Its so easy to put together the meals and have them in mom’s freezer for an easy solution for dinner when sleep isn’t exactly in abundance.


Also for the pregnant mom toward the end of the pregnancy when it’s hard to move and hard to think of things to make for food!

The meals at Let’s Dish! are made for 4-6 people, but often can be easily split into two meals that feed 2-3 people.  The pot pies above – are ONE meal, split.  That’s a LOT of pot pie!


While dishing for my family, I split a few meals into 2 – which works perfectly fine for our family!  This below is one meal – but TWO full pork tenderloins.  Definitely one to split.


At home I have already used the meals to my advantage!  I was SO tired after getting home from Brandcation – that I had no time or energy to get to the grocery store.  I purchased enough food for the boys while I was away, but we were pretty much on empty when I came home.

Before going to bed I pulled out the Honey-Garlic Pulled Pork with Mashed Potates and let it defrost. The next morning I put it into the crockpot – and by dinner, I had an amazing meal with little effort.

And I’m still enjoying the leftovers!!


Even last night, Still haven’t had time to get to the store (We did get milk and juice and bread… but nothing else yet!) so I pulled out the next meal: Pork Chops with Brown Sugar and Baked Beans.


SO easy! Dinner was ready with little preparation, and very few dirty dishes!


I’m hooked!

So Friends, Family, Spouses, etc – When you’re looking for the perfect gift for a crazy busy, or tired, or NEW mom even – check out Let’s Dish!
If you have a family member in the Minneapolis/St Paul area – you can also set up a gift card for them to come and dish their own meals –
Or if you’re in the five state area – they offer delivery as well!! North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin can be delivered to overnight for a $50 delivery charge – but an amazing gift that will be appreciated and remembered!

Do you often cook on Mother’s Day?

I’m saving a meal for Mother’s Day so I don’t have to cook.  No Kidding.

While I do think that Let’s Dish! is super awesome – I also have to admit that I was given the opportunity to Dish! free of charge. This in no way influences my opinion about them – it only makes me love them more!

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  1. Looks amazing! I love the concept. Wish they had some similar in my area.

  2. We actually have a couple place like that here in Utah, one is Shirley’s, I believe and i have their meals and loved them. Thanks for the reminder , I need to get over there

  3. Vickie Couturier says:

    wow,,move to TENN please!! this is so wonderful,,,I would totally use this here,,

  4. Ashley E. says:

    Wow that looks so awesome!!! Wish we had something like that around here!!

  5. Sarah L says:

    OK, I’m not in the area and I am jealous. Great concept.

  6. I am so jealous! How about overnight shipping? LOL I love the idea. We live in the country and the closest town is 20 miles. We have little party store but I am talking gas station stores. We live kinda in the little finger of Michigan. No such places like that. Looks like you had a lot of fun! =)

  7. Looks good and sounds like a great plan to me.

  8. Carolyn Ann Colley (Griffith, Smith) says:

    That’s really neat, we don’t have anything like that where I live.

  9. Judith B. says:

    I’m glad your feel sorry for us because it is well deserved! I will probably never see the likes of this place where I live in t6he boondockies of NW Florida, but what a great and novel idea. Learn something new everyday here on the web. Thanks.

  10. Jessica Beard says:

    These look delicious and great to have around! I wish they had it available around here. How much does it cost per meal?

  11. What a great idea! Too bad I am not in the area.

  12. I’m hoping that hubby will cook on Mother’s Day today! Let’s Dish looks like a fabulous place, I SO wish they had one in my town, I’d be all over it. The meals look delicious!

  13. Sandy VanHoey says:

    Oh wow! This is awesome and I AM envious. You made me hungry talking about the pulled pork and mashed potatoes dinner you pulled out. They need to expand to our area too

  14. That is fantastic! I tried to help my daughter after each of her 3 c-sections. I made dinner once but the other two times were take out and I felt guilty. For one wasting that much and two because take out just isn’t healthy. A KFC meal has more fat and salt then anyone should have definitely a post delivery mom and young children, yes, it is even unhealthy for dad. I could have spent probably about the same and brought them real food.
    Gladys P

  15. MommaMary says:

    It sounds as if you had a great time qat Let;s Dish. I love the cities. Lived up there for a couple of years.

  16. I didnt have to cook on Mother’s Day either! Thank goodness for take out Chinese or we would have starved;) We do have a similar place one of my friends went to and she loved it. So nice to do there and leave the mess, where they have all the “tools” of the trade and teach some great skills. I’d love to do this at home too, but so hard to find a time when all friends are not busy. Me? I just make a lot of leftovers and then freeze. The concept makes total sense, and especially nice for new moms who need a month or two of meals to get you through that early baby phase where you have NO time to cook healthy meals. Thanks for sharing Amy. And again, awesome pics!

  17. christina moore says:

    These look delicious

  18. Michelle S says:

    Like others said, this looks like an amazing thing! I wish there was something like this close to me! I’m sure whomever uses it is eternally grateful.

  19. Naina John says:

    Amazing.Really hard work. u have patience 🙂

  20. That is such a great idea! I would love if there was something like that were I live (Northwest PA). But the idea is still good – take one day to make a bunch of means and freeze them for later in the week. I know ppl that do that and it saves the a lot of time.

  21. Kathlean Owens says:

    I didn’t have to cook for Mother’s Day because we had so many left overs from my Daughters’ College Graduation Party the night before! This is a good idea.

  22. This would be so great for a new mom! Even if you did it yourself (as an expecting mom!). Great idea.. can’t ever go wrong with a freezer stash!

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