A sandbox is a fantastic source of backyard entertainment! With the right toys, a sandbox can offer hours of fun day after day. Little Tikes Dirt Diggers are a fantastic addition to any sandbox! These 2-in-1 toys are great for the little construction worker in your family!

Little Tikes 2-in-1 Dirt Diggers

The Dirt Digger Front Loader is great for pushing sand around! Or use it for other items like blocks and beans. The scoop can move up and down to lift and pile dirt. The scoop can also be pulled out to function as a large, awkward shovel. It takes a bit of effort to remove the scoop, which is good because it won’t just fall off during play. 
The Dirt Digger Excavator also has a removable scoop that can act as a shovel. This one is my favorite because it can actually dig down into the sand. Not far, but enough to make my little man feel like a construction worker digging a hole. The little scoops can be “lifted” into the dump truck and hauled away!
The Dirt Digger Dump Truck is my son’s favorite. He can haul, dump, and load sand and other objects. The dump bucket is also removable to carry things around. The bucket comes off fairly easily and is easy to set back on. It is a bit too hard to make the bucket dump, little fingers have to reach under the bucket to release the catch and allow the who back part to tip backwards. It’s also a bit difficult to open/close the door, but I’m glad it doesn’t accidentally come open when he’s filling it with sand!

Each truck also has great details! The cabs contain little seats and the plastic is molded to look like little controls and parts. There is nothing electronic, so it’s safe to play with in sand and water, even to leave outside.
I love how these toys encourage physical play and imagination. I can also encourage other learning, like push, pull and teamwork. The dirt diggers are big enough to be entertaining for both little and big kids. And simple enough for anyone to operate. And I know Little Tikes toys will last for years. 

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I received my Dirt Diggers to review for this post. Opinions are 100% my own and not influenced by compensation. 

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