Garden Update: A little more re-arranging

June 28, 2012

The day of moving my sugar snap peas – I had my first cut salad – I decided that I didn’t like the taste of some of the lettuce I was growing – It was a weird variety (I don’t even know what it was!) but I didn’t like it.

backyard garden lettuce

SO I pulled that, had one last yucky salad –

lettuce in a bucket

and then spread out my beautiful lettuce heads that were way over crowded.

row of lettuce

Also: Big mistake.

They Died.

They came back to life after a few days – but then they were nasty lookin, and not something I was interested in eating…

So I pulled them, and transferred my peppers for the 15th+ time.  (Thank goodness Peppers are strong!)


I decided that my GinormouS Tomato plants (Yes, over 6ft tall) were causing my cucumber plants to be stunted.  So I took the plunge the other day… and transferred them, too.

large tomato plants

I was sure to take as LARGE of area of dirt that I could – so as not to disrupt the root system as much as possible.  There was plenty of space around these plants to do that –

But the next day – they looked all wilted…

I could have cried.  I watered them again and went inside to pout (or maybe cry…)

It was a day or two before I got back outside to see them again, and they were alive and healthy!!!

backyard garden vegetables


They’ve already grown so much, too!  They love their new sunny spot!


  1. I am so jealous, I missed the early season for planting and now has been so dry I am not gonna get em’ in. We have NOTHING for our annual salsa garden. Lets just say I’m “GREEN”. 🙂 Good job!!!
    Oh, and I can’t stand that kind of leaf lettuce either.

  2. The weather has been nuts here. I have peas like mad right now and my tomatoes are going to be 20 feet tall (OK maybe 10) but alot of the early stuff like radish didnt do well. Now to keep it watered- and that lettuce is yucky- it always tastes bitter!

  3. Alex Liz Robinson says:

    I love gardening, yours looks so good! I have never gotten near a 6ft tomato plant, that’s awesome!

  4. How nice that you have taken the time to grow your own vegetables! I used to grow my own vegetables years ago! It was a lot of fun and the food always tastes better than the store!

  5. Jennifer Mae Hiles says:

    I found that if I don’t cut my lettuce early it starts to taste very bitter!

  6. Debbie Ellis says:

    Your garden looks really nice. I would love to have a garden like that.

  7. Wow your garden looks awesome. I waited really late to plant. Well in all fairness I was waiting on my husband to build me a raised garden. It is great. I don’t even have to bend over. Some time I will send you a pic of it. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Funny, we too planted some lettuce that we didn’t like. Thank God the chickens don’t mind it. At least it wasn’t a total waste. Good to know on the peppers. Our Tomato plants are getting way too big for the peppers to get some sun. Thanks for the information. 🙂

  9. Thanks for the information. I just had to trans plant some of my pepper plants. Thanks to you I learned I can do that. They were not getting enough sun. They already look better. Thanks again.

  10. Sandy VanHoey says:

    So envious of your wonderful garden you made. You definitely have a green thumb

  11. Your garden looks great. Mine I just planted in pots this year except for a few other things. My squash was doing great lots of little squash on the vine but once they got the size of my thumb they would rot off . Dont know why. Lots of tomatoes hanging already tho. I love to garden – fresh veggies – yum

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