Fun for the whole family in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

October 23, 2012

If you’ve been following along on my Facebook feed, I was sharing about the oh-so-fun trip that I had to Pigeon Forge at the beginning of the month.  I have hardly caught my breath since the trip – but am just now getting caught up on the posts!

Me and two other bloggers from the Twin-Cities (MN) took a LONNGGGG road trip all the way down to TN.  It took us about 30 total hours (including a hotel stay and a little shut-eye, and several trips to Starbucks) to drive there – but it was worth it.

We packed 34 women into a beautiful cabin from Cabin Fever Vacations that was overlooking the beautiful smoky mountains.

This cabin was amazing. There were 8 bedrooms, and a large loft area with 4 sets of queen bunk beds.  I didn’t mind sleeping in a top bunk, so that’s where I chose to sleep.

My favorite part about this whole cabin was the beautiful deck area that each floor had – It was easy to hop outside and look out over the smoky mountains and not feel like you’re stuck inside a cabin with 34 other women!

Family area with Smoky Mountain photograph opportunities from your Tenn log cabin getaway.

Cabin Fever Vacations has several cabins in different sizes and locations:  You can rent a much smaller cabin for your smaller family vacation; or for larger groups like ours. Check out for more information on rentals.


Pigeon Forge, TN

I was thoroughly surprised at the town of Pigeon Forge, and how much fun you could have as a family.  The entire town is ‘Dry’, meaning no alcoholic beverages are sold anywhere in the town: but that just makes it all the more family-friendly.

The streets are lined with some 14 pancake houses, and an amazing quantity of amusement parks.  We had the chance to visit several great attractions: Dixie Stampede, Dollywood, Lumberjack Feud, Titanic Museum, Hollywood Wax Museum (which I sadly missed out on going to), and ClimbWorks Ziplining.

We also had a pretty sweet 80’s party that was sponsored by Flashing Blinky Lights:  Yep, the creepy girl in the big picture? That’s Me.  Creepy.

Overall – we had a really great time in Pigeon Forge, and our time ended far too soon.  I could have spent at least another week exploring the town and trying all that Pigeon Forge has to offer!

I have most certainly added Pigeon Forge to my list of places to take my family one day in the next few years when they’re both big enough to ride rides!

A special thanks again goes out to Carpet One for sponsoring this trip for me, making this trip possible! Check out their great selection of flooring products at

Cabin Fever Vacation Rentals provided a reduced price, and Pigeon Forge board of tourism helped to set us up with some great companies in hopes that I would write about the fun times that I had. I definitely was impressed and would highly recommend your family visit Pigeon Forge.


  1. Um, you are not creepy, you are cute! I’m so happy that we got to hang out again! I can’t wait for the next time 🙂

  2. Haha I don’t think your pictures creepy you look cute. That cabin looks beautiful! Looks like you ladies had a blast 🙂

  3. I remember Winterfest when it was dotownwn Gatlinburg. (So I really just aged myself!!) One year the power of God was so strong in the Gatlinburg Convention center. We had a older lady who attended this paticular year, and she was not to fond of thea0contemporarya0music we teenagers listened too. I don’t remember who sang or who preached, but the power of God was so real in that arena. She found out that day that God can move during any kind of gospel music if we worship Him. Our youth group and groups around us were slain in the Spirit everywhere. They moved rows of chairs and everything. I remember seeing this same lady, standing on top ofa0chairs praying for young people. God not only changed the lives of young people at this Winterfest, but of this lady from our church by showing her their are other ways to reach a generation. She attended several more Winterfest after this paticular year!! I have been attending Winterfest for at least 18 years. Just when you think it could not get any better, the next year comes along, and God WOWS us again!! Thank you God for pouring out your Spirit upon me as a teen, changing my life at Winterfest, and now the lives of the young people my husband and I work with on a weekly basis!! Thank you Winterfest committee and Church of God YCE dept for all your hard work in making this event possible!! We love you all! God has a great reward for you for following Him!!

  4. Sandy VanHoey says:

    That cabin is awesome. We stayed in a huge one in Gatlinburg with the indoor pool and all. I just loved it and didn’t want to leave. Didn’t like the mice we had there however. I even captured a picture of one trying to get into a bag we had on the floor. Looks like y’all had a wonderful time….how fun! I love that pic of you, so cute!

  5. The 80s costumes are so fun!

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