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February 24, 2014

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It’s not often that I can admit that my floors are cleaner than yours! But today, I am just going to jump out on a ledge (maybe slightly boastfully) and tell you that they are. You see, I recently received the new Dyson DC65 – which was just released this month exclusively at Best Buy – and I just couldn’t wait to try it out… and I may have gotten a little carried away. So I’m going to share my Dyson DC65 Review with you all right now. After a little back-story, of course.DC65 1

Dyson DC65

I grew up in a household with tons of animals – and we seemed to be purchasing a new vacuum about every year. It seemed that during the year we would change the belts, and filters, and bags, and everything else in-between, but still our vacuum would somehow get to a state of dis-repair, meaning it was time to purchase the next cheapest vacuum we could find. This happened even into my marriage. My mom gave us our first $100 vacuum.  Being that my husband and I lived alone and with no pets, we managed to get that vacuum to last 2 years before it finally died. We went to the store to see about buying our next $100 vacuum… which ultimately lasted one year.  When we realized that we would likely be going on this same life-long painful escapade of buying and trashing vacuums-  I wanted to break the cycle.

A friend of ours recommended Dyson – as they had one and loved it.  I searched online for as many reviews as I could find, and didn’t find one that was negative.  The only problem was the price tag.  BUT: Considering that we were essentially committing ourselves to not needing to purchase a $100 vacuum per year for a minimum of 5 years, the then $500 price tag wasn’t quite as terrible. And – Here we are almost 9 years later, and that same Vacuum has been our main vacuum – that is, until last week when we got our newest Dyson. The DC65.

New vs Old DysonThe Dyson DC 65 is a little different than our old Dyson DC15. First of all, it’s purple. Essentially this means that it’s meant for animal-households. Considering I have two preschoolers, I think we qualify. The changes here are pretty clear to see: it’s smaller, which means it’s also lighter – and it has a more maneuverable ball.

Vacuum CobwebsBut some of the smaller features that we’re loving – are not so noticeable. My husband thoroughly enjoys that the cord-winding span is about 6” longer – meaning that he has to wrap the cord a few less times around. He also likes the extended length of the ‘wand’ – meaning he can get the cobwebs from all rooms, including the highest points of our living room where our stairwell is without too much fuss.

While we were really focused on putting the vacuum to the test, Ethan got really into the idea of cleaning his bedroom, too – and grabbed his very own Dyson to help out.

Vacuuming Together with dysonThe DC65 is super-charged with power and suction. Technically speaking, the Brush Bar power was increased by 25%, and the new configuration of bristles allow the DC 65 to dig deeper into the carpets to remove more dirt. It also has a different airflow system, allowing the vacuum to remove more dirt, dust, and allergens from your home.

There are also those similar features that we know and love: like the hygienic bin-emptying. Easily remove the bin from the vacuum, and push the button again to dump the contents into a bag. I never get my fingers dirty or sweat over emptying the bin. Also the durability is the same: it’s built to last 10 years. They will send you any replacement parts for anything that would break, free of charge. Emptying the DysonAfter finally convincing my mom that she needed a Dyson so she could stop purchasing vacuums – she did have one part break. She didn’t realize it was broken because it must have been that way for a while – but when I was at her house and I was vacuuming up after my kids’ mess – I realized that something was wrong. They called Dyson, who sent out a new part right away. They were VERY impressed that they would be able to continue using their vacuum as always. They’re going on their 6th year with the Dyson.

3196029cv2a.jpg;canvasheight=500Overall – I really do enjoy having this nice new pretty Vacuum.  The main concern I have is the harshness of the new beater bar and better suction on carpets. Last spring I worked closely with Carpet One to get new carpet in the living room, family room, and stairs. We *adore* our new carpet, and want what’s best for it.  We were sadly informed that Dyson voids the warranty for the Carpet One Carpets (and pretty much any newer high-piled nylon carpets) due to the high speed rotation and strong suction which equals higher heat – ultimately melting and fraying the nylon fibers. It has been a hard fact to deal with. I nearly cried with the thought of not being able to use the Dyson on my new carpet. I did go out and purchase a cheap vacuum that ‘qualifies’ for our carpet.. but it remains in the box in the garage.

We would much rather use our Dyson with NO beater bar than a cheap vacuum that barely picks up anything.

In fact – that’s exactly what we have been doing since this carpet was installed: Using our Dyson with no beater at least once per week, as well as spot cleaning with our Dyson Handheld that we got from Best Buy last Summer. Thankfully all of our other rooms are regular old-fashioned cheap carpet that came with the house, and this has done an amazing job cleaning these carpets! DC65_4

I also am not yet used to and still fumble over removing and replacing the wand from the vacuum. I’m sure this will become comfortable in time – but I feel like it was so much more intuitive on the DC 15. And For some crazy reason I really MISS the foot pedal that you push to lower the vacuum to get the beater bar to activate.

Otherwise, I absolutely am thrilled with the new Dyson DC 65.  My friends keep asking me what I’m going to do with my old one – implying that they’d rather ditch their 1-2 year old vacuums for our 9 year old one. I don’t blame them, either. I just have to find out which friend want’s it most! I’ve actually considered keeping it in case our kids want a great vacuum for their own when they move out… uhh… 15 years from now.

So if your most recent vacuum has bit the dust, and you’re looking at getting a new one – I highly recommend the Dyson. Although, if you have high-piled nylon fiber carpet, double check the warranty before purchasing the Dyson – and weigh the benefits for yourself. I’m sorry that I don’t have a better recommendation for that! Dyson DC 65 Animal

The Dyson DC 65 comes in three colors/varieties and price points.  The Multi-Floor is the basic model, which is like what our yellow one was – essentially missing a few extra attachments that work great for removing pet hair – and it rings in at $499. The Animal (the one we got above) is $599 – and comes with the TFT and Dusting Brush. and the Animal Complete is one step up from there at $649. These are available exclusively at Best Buy for the time being. And as always, even if it is available elsewhere – Best Buy has the best customer service, return policy, and warranties. Try it out! If you hate it, return it! (But you won’t hate it!).


  1. Ok, I’m sold! We NEED this for our household! Our current one is so old and hardly picks anything up anymore. Would love to have a Dyson!

  2. We have 2 dogs and 2 kids and this would be a great help in keeping my carpets clean. I love how easy it is to maneuver too!

  3. I love that it’s compact! I so need one of these for my home!

  4. My dad swears by his Dyson. He’s been trying to talk me into buying one for years now. I will admit my biggest reason is the cost. Hopefully someday soon we’ll be able to get one, because living on a farm means lots of animals. No, not in the house, but the stuff we track in from outside, has to be vacuumed up just like the hair our indoor dog & cat leave too!

  5. I LOVE my Dyson! LOVE IT!

    It is the ONLY vacuum I have ever used that can keep up with the pet hair.

  6. I just got my first Dyson last month and LOVE IT. Seriously, they can suck for days and days. I only have a stick version, so I’ll have to look into this one now that we have carpet in the basement.

  7. I’m absolutely in love with my Dyson too. I’ll never buy another vacuum…that is, unless it’s another Dyson. 🙂

  8. My dyson is 3 years ago and I still love it everytime i use it.

  9. I have an early model Dyson but it still works great. I’ve looked at the ones with the ball but am actually eyeing the handheld model.

  10. In addition to two children and a husband, there are two dogs in our home and the amount of hair is CRAZY. I need a purple vacuum!

  11. Rebecca Orr says:

    We just got a new vacuum and while I do love it, one day we will get a Dyson. It has been on my wish list for awhile and my fiancée never seems to want yo plunk down the money for one. I plan to save for it so when this new vacuum does quit on us, I will have the extra cash for a Dyson. Thanks for the great review!

  12. I’ve always heard great things about Dyson. It looks like they have made great improvements in the last few years.

  13. I love my Dyson and can’t live without it. I would like a new one for our second story. We have an older model. I have been checking out their new handheld portable one.

  14. I am so in love with our Dyson. I am in awe each time I use it how much it gets out of the carpet

  15. I really want a Dyson, but I’m afraid I’ll spend all that money, and then hate it, or that it won’t work as well as it promises. Thanks for this! It has given me hope! 🙂

  16. This is such an amazing vacuum cleaner. I have it and LOVE it.

  17. Ten years is a huge long life span on a vacuum. I would be completely content with that. Love that they added more suction power to this one too.

  18. I have one from 2007 and it’s still going strong too! I want a ball one next time I get one!

  19. you are making me want to upgrade my Dyson lol. I have one from 2009 and I love it, but this one looks AHMazing. All these commercials and posts about Dyson are making me want a new one.

  20. I wish I had a Dyson just for the maneuverability. That has got to make the job so much easier.

  21. Sounds like an incredible vacuum!

  22. shelly peterson says:

    This looks like an amazing vacuum! I have never ownd a Dyson but sure would love to have this one.

  23. Susan Ladd says:

    Awesome Vacuum and got to get one !!!

  24. Laurali Manieri says:

    Need this!!!!!

  25. We purchased two dyson’s one is a full size and the other is cordless. I have to admit that I’m not happy with either. The cordless DC 35 multi floor does not keep a charge and after some investigation we now know that many people have complained about this model. It seems that the battery does not fit well and the vac shuts on and off, to a point of madness…..so in order to keep it going you have to keep knocking the battery pack back into place. Next is the full size DC-40 and from the time we purchased it we have had problems Dwith suction, we contacted Home Depot and were told to contact Dyson. We did and it was a problem with the floor head. I could go on and on, but I’m just going to ramble! I read the above post and would have loved to have had one that worked as well, let alone 2 that are problematic. We have over $700.00 between these 2 purchases and are not happy.

    • I’m so sorry to hear that!! Dyson does have great customer service, and I’m sure that a single phone call will help solve your problems 🙂

      We *STILL* have and use two of our cordless vacuums. I use it multiple times per day – every day.
      I do find that the charge isn’t as long if you have it on ‘max’ power and use the floor attachments, but still at least 10 minutes of straight cleaning.

      Our first upright had a part that was broken about 2 years after we bought it. We made a phone call to dyson and they shipped out the replacement part asap with no questions asked other than the model and part. It was great!

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