Swimmin’ With the Dolphins

May 9, 2012

I can’t believe it, but on Sunday, we went on a Dolphin Cruise as part of our Brandcation experience! Circle Public Relations sponsored that part of the trip, so I wanted to find out more about them.

circle public relations

Managed by four women, Circle PR puts a nice little spin on things in the “man’s world”. They have experience with writing, research, production, and more, and seem like they could be really helpful to bloggers, brands, and companies that need a little push in the right direction.

As a blogger, staying on top of things via social media is important to me, but things change so quickly in the online world that sometimes it’s hard to do.

Circle PR is a circle of professionals that keeps their eye on the ever-changing social media world, and helps brands and bloggers succeed. They help you build long term relationships with media contacts, which is vital in our world.

If you need help with video production, press releases, or even planning conferences or seminars, now you know where to find it

I look forward to the possibility of working with Circle PR in the future.


By the way:  We did see several dolphins (And their oh-so-cute Babies, too!)


  1. Wow nice cruise! Looks like one of the perks of being a Blogger. I want to personally thank you for all of the hard work that goes into your site. You are very informative and have awesome giveaways. Love the reviews on the stuff too. It really helps to know what is out there to make life just a little easier. Thanks again!

  2. Carolyn Ann Colley (Griffith, Smith) says:

    I’m jealous, that ocean looks great. But you deserve it.

  3. That sounds exciting! Did you actually swim or just went out looking? I went out on a boat once in Tampa when I was a teenager, it was fantastic! I really think they show off for people. Like maybe the boats send them out treats or something. I’ll never know lol
    Gladys P

    • Yeah – the dolphins seem to like boats normally – We ran into a bunch of mama’s and babies who are often more protective rather than show-offs. So it was definitely more tame than most that I have been on before, but still really fun!

  4. Sarah L says:

    Misleading title! You just watched the dolphins – didn’t swim with them. Still would have loved to be there.

  5. This looks like so much fun.

  6. Judith B. says:

    What fun! So sad about the dolphins and pelicans washing up on shore recently (in CA I think). Dolphins are such friends to humans. Lovable little creatures. Thanks for the fun post.

  7. I think you are so lucky to have gone on this cruise! It looks like it was a lot of fun. I also got to go on a dolphin cruise in the Outer Banks of NC and I couldn’t have had a better time. Dolphins are my favorite animal. I have a tattoo of one on my ankle.

  8. Ashley E. says:

    Your Brandcation looks like it was awesome!! I have swam with dolphin a couple times and it is amazing!! They are so beautiful!!

  9. 1955nurse says:

    OMG – what an awesome experience, you’re SOOOO lucky!!! This is something I would like to do someday w/my grandkids (when they get a little older), I’m sure it’s something they would always remember!!! Great post, love the Pic, too!

  10. Jesselyn A/Jesstinger says:

    Thank you Amy! I know this may not be exactly the intent of your fun and thoughtful post – but you just succeeded at helping me finally accomplish something I’ve been trying to come up with for over a year now: the perfect idea for what my Honey/Hubby and me can do to truly celebrate our 20 year anniversary in a very special way! We had already planned to renew our wedding Vows for the occasion – But I so wanted to come up with something really special that My Man would love and has never done before.

    He loves the water, snorkling and scuba diving and volunteers at our local Aquarium – but he’s never had the thrill of swimming with the dolphins! I’m going to look into it immediately and I’ll let you know how it all turns out…

    But above all THANK YOU for planting the seeds of this truly novel idea for a 20 year anniversary celebration!

  11. MommaMary says:

    That looked like so much fun, and even better with so many friends!

  12. MommaMary says:

    I’m a land locked lubber, and have only seen the ocean twice. I’s walking along the edge of the ocean so wonderful!

  13. William Cooke says:

    Love that experience everyone should do that at least once in a lifetime and children are a must

  14. Sandy VanHoey says:

    Lucky ladies! That lookes like such a good time!

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