AHHHH!! I want My Pampers!!!

August 8, 2011

This is the exact text message I received from my husband while I was away at BlogHer. 

Just before I left for BlogHer we ran out of diapers.  The night before I left we clothed them up for our very first overnight in cloth.  They woke up dripping wet – Bad News.

DSC09230I figured we just put the diapers on wrong or something silly like that.. A typical newbie mistake or something.  I told my husband to research it a little and try to make the fit a little better and throw an extra liner into each diaper at bed time. 

Friday Morning I got the text.  It was 5am in San Diego and 7am here in Minneapolis. 

I called him in my grogginess (having stayed up far too late Thursday night) and he told me how they had both leaked through a diaper in the evening and then over night Andrew woke up at 2am crying and wet from his shoulders down, and that his bed was dripping wet; and same with Ethan at 4am when he woke up crying due to wetness.

I chatted up a few cloth diapering experts who I just happened to be sitting next to at the opening session at BlogHer and asked their opinion.  They told me that he could have been overstuffing or if my boys were front sleepers, they may need fitted diapers (which I really had no idea what they were!)

Anyway, they encouraged me to keep trying and that we would find our groove soon enough.DSC09228

I came home assuming that My husband was just not doing it right, and that if I diapered them – they would be fine.  Sure enough, they and their DSC09210sheets were wet in the morning.  I put Ethan into a diaper and within an hour he was leaking through the middle!?  What the Heck!

Not sure if we’re cut out for this cloth diapering thing just yet.  We’re not giving up.  But this is not a good start.

Honestly, I feel like I need an expert to come stay in my house for a day and walk me through each diaper and pour their knowledge all over me. I’m so confused!

Has anyone else had big issues with leaking?

What suggestions might you have for me??  Any and ALL advice is appreciated!

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  1. *sigh* I hope you figure it out! The only thing worse than soggy babies is soggy babies with soggy sheets.

  2. kristen huss says:

    hmmm. I hope you figure it out! I used disposables on baby #1 and baby #2, and had lOTS of wet mornings and blowouts. I clothed baby #3 and have honestly never ever had a leak. Weird how every kid is different! Just do whatever works for you and your kids. If my cloth diapers leaked every night, i would be RUNNING for Pampers! Good luck!

  3. Stick with it. I’m not sure which type and brand you are using, but maybe try something different. A good option for heavy wetters is a pocket type with an extra insert at night. FuzziBunz brand has a 1st layer that actually draws the moisture away from the baby and into the insert. They have worked very well for us.

    Also… DONT USE DIAPER RASH CREAMS. They will make your liners/inserts not absorb liquids anymore. Washing a diaper creamed liner won’t bring it back to it’s normal absorbency either.

    Good Luck!

  4. You may need to try wool for night time! Ever heard of Ecobubs? They are a pocket diaper that is wool on the outside. It’s supposedly great for keeping leaks away at night.

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