Do your kids wake up at the butt-crack of dawn like mine do??

There was a point where Andrew was getting up at 5-6am.  We would have to get up and put him back in bed and tell him that it wasn’t time to wake up yet, but that seemed to be happening every morning!

Joe and I talked about getting him a clock that we could train him what time was awake time – but he JUST turned three, he’s not going to understand what number is awake time!  We figured there had to be a better way of helping Andrew understand time!

image image

Then I got a press release for Zazoo Kids Photo Clock, and immediately had to get my hands on one.  I mean – how ingenious!! My husband and I were very excited to get it!

image The clock is a tool to help your child  associate images of the sun or the moon to know when it’s ok to get out of bed.  Genius, Right?

There is a second naptime photo alarm that makes it perfect for kids doing ‘quiet time’ as well!

The clock comes with pre-programmed images  of “awake” and “asleep” photo options that help your child know when it is the appropriate time to stay in bed or get up and start the day. 


But you can also easily personalize the awake and asleep images so your own child is the star. Kids will love to see themselves in pictures on their photo clock.image

Even after they’re good with telling time, the clock still functions for your child – its an alarm clock, a rotating digital photo frame, and has music and audio book capabilities as well!


The Zazoo Kids Photo Clock comes in five colors and patterns – and can be purchased online through for $89.99


So with the combination of having the room darkening curtains as well as a clock that will help Andrew know when to get out of bed – I am hoping that this helps him sleep a bit longer in the mornings!!

Do you have any troubles with your kids waking up too early or getting out of bed in the middle of the night?


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