World Market Grand Opening

September 18, 2012


World Market Storefront

I used to live in Edina, MN a few short blocks away from the World Market store – we loved going there for the goodies, and just to look at all the home decor (As we were often trying to find the best decorations for our home, but rarely made any purchases).

world market furniture section

I was hooked on some of the specialty beverages that they carried in store, as well as all the fun utensils, and had my eyes on a dream set of dishes (For after children of course).  The decor was always affordable compared to other stores in the area, so it made for lots of dreaming about redecorating.

But then they closed.. Sadly.

So when I heard that they were re-opening I was pretty shocked, and excited as well.  They invited me to their grand opening celebrations.


We sampled some wine and I was enjoying myself so much that I was caught trying two at once.  The wine section was big with a great varied selection.  I ended up taking home a bottle of champagne – Pommery POP champagne – and Minnesota Blogger Jen took home a bottle of red wine for herself. It was a little bottle that was $14 – but it was AMAZING and worth every penny. Yum.

I shopped for a good two hours, making sure that I was getting everything I wanted. I focused more around the dishes and other food serving items that will help me photograph food better for future blog posts.

chocolate bar In their food section I was excited to see that they had all sorts of varieties of Kit-Kats for me to take home (and I’m a little bit obsessed with Kit-Kats).

cups They also had mugs with chalkboards on them, which I thought was neat, especially for those mornings when you’re making coffee for more than yourself and have to have yours just-so.  Anyone else think it’s a good place to leave a little honey-do list?

gift wrapping from world market

They had a huge gift wrapping section, with really cute wrapping options – as well as a ton of really sweet pop-up cards, and other greeting cards to choose from for gift giving.  It’s almost time for shopping season and it would be great to already have this sort of thing waiting in the closet when it’s time to start hiding the presents until December.

Buddha home decorlamps
I love their home section, where they have a little bit of every type of style you could think of.  There was even a set of mix and match lamps.  The neutral shades of brown and blue they had reminded me a lot of the Beach Bathroomproject and they looked great together.

food variety at world marketdrinks at world market
Once I finally got into the food section, the shelves were full of lots of super unique foods from around the world.  In the blogging world it’s really easy to find recipes that look delicious, but then find yourself unable to find those one or two special ingredients at a typical grocery store.  World Market offers a great wide selection and it’s definitely inspired me to spend some time near the stove soon… maybe.  I will definitely be going back to World Market now that they’ve reopened!

Want to find a World Market in your area or learn more about them?  You can connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest.


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  1. michelle riebeek says:

    Looks like a great place I’ve never seen any around my area!

  2. Lol… Love your wine drinking style! You’re so cute! I could literally live in this store & be a happy camper. Wonderful post!

  3. Haha busted! I’m a kit-Kat fanatic too it never gets old….I’m such a fan I named our cat kit-Kat lol……world market needs to come to ny!

    • Hahaha! I call them Kit-Krack instead 😉 I seriously just love them. It’s the only candy I buy myself right now, and if I have a rough day, my husband KNOWS to come home w/a kit-krack in hand….;)

  4. I LOVE Cost Plus World Market. How lucky are you to go to the grand opening! I love these cute thick plastic glasses I purchased at the World Market near me a few months ago. They are really great quality, and have zero scratches on them, as opposed to other plastic glasses we’ve tried from other stores that last a few days before cracking. You’re reminding me I need to head out to purchase more of these glasses for our kitchen. We all love them for indoor/outdoor dining use.

    Looks like I should also try the specialty beverage section next time I stop in. Thanks for sharing!

    • I *so* totally got those glasses, too! I’m excited about them. I’m tired of the other real-glass ones breaking, so I’m tossing those and using plastic until the kids graduate and move out, lol! But they look just like glass, and are like $3.99! So nice 🙂

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