Wordless Wednesday – Week 9

January 19, 2011
Had a Pampered Chef Party on Saturday! Ate some of the BEST food ever! 🙂

Maybe I’m spending too much time in front of the computer? Andrew is imitating me :Þ

Today he crawled up into the back seat of the two seat stroller, and told me he wanted to sleep.  So I gave him his Blankies, Pillow, Water, and ‘Mine’ (what he calls his pacifier).. I thought for sure he’d want to get out. but that is where he napped today 🙂



  1. Jennifer Leigh says:

    I love Pampered Chef and usually throw one party a year!

    ps. I agree it doesn't matter where they nap as long as it happens sometimes!

  2. NotJustBabyBrain says:

    I love that last picture, kids are so funny sometimes!

  3. that food looks delish!

  4. Carrie with Children says:

    I've got a sleeping baby picture for my Wordless Wednesday post too! 🙂 Naps are the best!

    Thanks for the linky!

  5. Yummy, the food looks pretty good

  6. Kim @ What's That Smell? says:

    That nap one is hysterical!

  7. Mine napped in the recliner with the tv on at normal volume and just slept right through it for two glorious hours!

    I love the pampered chef picture, I am biased though lol

  8. The food made me hungry LOL

    and what a cutie! It's crazy how they can fall asleep sometimes

  9. GrammyMouseTails says:

    I had one that could nap anywhere, and one that would never sleep! funny how that changes once they become teenagers… He is a sweetie!

  10. kasandria says:

    That last one is adorable. I love pictures of kiddos sleeping. They look like angels

  11. That is hilarious! He is knocked out!

  12. blueviolet says:

    What a hilarious napping spot!

  13. Busy Working Mama says:

    Isn't it funny the things they come up with? Hopefully he got a good nap in! Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  14. Stacy Uncorked says:

    I love going to Pampered Chef parties – the food is always so good!

    Isn't it amazing that kids can sleep anywhere? Oh to be able to do that! 😉

    WW: Guardian Mask

  15. i love when kids imitate at the computer so funny.

  16. yum! Looks like fun! happy WW!

  17. Simply Being Mommy says:

    Now I'm hungry. Shame on you LOL!

  18. I love that last photo! Kids always find the oddest places to nap.

  19. Lady V dZine says:

    Love the one of your son sleeping. Too precious!

  20. Andrea Hatfield says:

    Great photos! I love Pampered Chef stuff. I got a skillet from them for Christmas and it is awesome. Happy WW!

  21. I love Pampered Chef parties. Your photos are so cute. I love the last one! Happy WW, Candace

  22. Lorie Shewbridge says:

    ~ I LOVE Pampered Chef parties, I own so many of their products and use every single one. They are a fantastic company.
    ~ I think your son is going to start his own blog really soon.
    ~ The nap photo is too cute, I would so print that out and put it on my desk if it was mine. 🙂
    Thanks for sharing, you made me smile.

  23. Oh, I love Pampered Chef. I think that stuff rocks!

  24. Yum, pampered chef!! Those are always so much fun! I wish my kids would tell me when and where they wanted to nap….getting mine to nap is always a struggle. happy wed!

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