Wordless Wednesday- week 11

February 2, 2011

So .. today… I decided to play with the kids first before getting to involved online.  Then I was on the phone, and looked over to find Andrew on the floor, screw driver in hand, and what was he attacking??? The KEYBOARD!
Any of you bloggers know how precious a keyboard is and how it is good to have all the letters, (especially the letter between L and N.)  DH is at the Dentist right now, and will be back soon – and I hope that he can fix it.  I have a giveaway for a really cool story book to post, but I need that letter working!

February 2011 012

Here’s Ethan now at 12 weeks! – He has gotten quite interested in his toys lately and has started reaching out to grab and touch!


  1. Jenn @ Beautiful Calling says:

    Oh, that is a precious photo!! I love seeing the diverse pictures on WW…fantastic photo shots to crazy kid shots. How fun! Would love for you to come and have a giggle at my son’s cardboard crown.

  2. thats really cute!!!

  3. blueviolet says:

    Oh no! What a little stinker! I hope it gets fixed!

  4. I freaking love that kid's HAIR!! So adorable!!

  5. That Bald Chick (formerly ladyvdzine) says:

    So sorry about the keyboard. And I love that picture. What a face!

  6. Night Owl Mama says:

    love the hair. Lol. Such a cutie

  7. Blessings Abound says:

    Isn't that a fun stage?! I'm so jealous he has all that hair. My kids were all lacking in the hair department at that age. 🙂

  8. William K Wallace says:

    The tomatoes really do look delicious. I feel like I need to eat them all…

  9. yikes! But what a cute pic!

  10. I'm with Candy on the hair!

  11. GrammyMouseTails says:

    I love his expression & that hair! both my boys were so bald! LOL

  12. A Little of This and a Little of That says:

    What an adorable photo, your son is so cute!!

  13. What a cutie! That photo in the newsletter was just too too cute… put a big smile on my face.

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