Wordless Wednesday – Variety

January 12, 2011
First picture of Ethan smiling at Daddy! (although he has done this for some time now, I finally got it on camera!)
Since Christmas, most nights involve Joe and Andrew flying one of two helicopters. Andrew Loves them!

Our new espresso machine – We make our own Caramel Macchiato’s now. Sorry Starbucks, but we spent way too much money on you!
Just good pictures of my Andrew, he usually doesn’t let me get a good picture, because he wants to hold the camera… so these are rare. 🙂


  1. GrammyMouseTails says:

    I bet Andrew will want to grab the control of the helicopter soon from dad. that looks fun! Yea for catching baby smiling, those first ones are so precious! thanks for stopping & linking up. You are not far from my grandsons, so I hope you are staying warm too!

  2. kasandria says:

    Grest pics! Thanks for sharing them.
    Happy WW!

  3. Adorable babies!!

  4. Andrea Hatfield says:

    My boys love airplanes and helicopters too. It must be a boy thing! Great photos, Happy WW!

  5. Beautiful children! And that coffee looks delicious.

  6. Lady V dZine says:

    Um, I'll have two cups of whatever you're having. LOL. Your kids are gorgeous!

  7. Busy Working Mama says:

    I think the espresso machine I bought has been the best investment! We love it 🙂 Cute pictures!

    Happy Wednesday!

  8. These are great! Your cuties are absolutely adorable!

  9. Great pics! The latte looks great!

  10. Your children have beautiful smiles. Congrats on the new espresso machine too!

  11. Beth Larrabee says:

    Your kiddos are adorable!

  12. Simply Being Mommy says:

    Your little guys are adorable.

  13. LOVE getting that first smile!

  14. oh, that first pic makes my uterus hurt. so cute!

  15. Daddy loves his boys. Cute pictures.

  16. I like the photos, Andrew is so cute!

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