Wordless Wednesday – My Boys

July 19, 2011

So I haven’t participated in WW for quite some time… I’m not sure why, really… But I am going to put it up today Smile

Enjoy my two handsome boys!


He didn’t make it very far into that book. He must have been tired!


Just singing, and wishing that he knew how to crawl Winking smile

(Funny side note: If you look at the photo above Ethans head – you’ll see that it’s a picture of Andrew around the same age, doing the same thing!)



  1. Have to laugh that he’s just on page one! They’re adorable!

  2. Such sweethearts!

  3. adorable!

  4. They are so super cute, Amy!

  5. How cute! They are so very handsome!

  6. Super Cute!

  7. Very handsome boys!

  8. They’re so cute! Love that cheeky grin!

  9. LOVE the sleepin pics

  10. Aww! A couple of cutie pies! I love to fall asleep reading too 😉

  11. What sweet little boys.

  12. So cute! My daughter does that too – she’ll insist she isn’t tired and I tell her to just get a book and have a quiet time then. Sure enough, 5 min later it’s totally quiet and she’ll be passed out.

  13. Cutie pies! Happy Wednesday!

  14. Great pics! I love when they fall asleep reading!

  15. Too cute … both of them.

  16. It looks like you have two very happy little men. They’re so adorable!

  17. They look so much alike! Neat pic with the two doing the same pose too!

  18. They are adorable!

  19. WHAT a cutie pie!

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