The Winter Workout Gear you need for the Cold Snap

winter workout gear

The key to staying fit is consistency. Most of us know only too well how hard it is to get back into an exercise routine when we take a break. For instance, it is all too easy to find an excuse and not return to going to the gym or running after a holiday or sickness.

Studies show that a lot of people struggle to maintain their fitness regimes in the winter months. The best way to ensure that you continue to walk, run and attend the gym is to prepare yourself in advance. That means buying the right type of women’s winter sportswear.

The right outerwear for winter fitness activities

If the activity you are involved in takes place outdoors it is really important to buy the right outerwear. After all, these items of clothing are the first line of defense against the elements.

A lightweight waterproof shell jacket

It is worth buying a lightweight shell jacket. These fold up into a small bag that you can easily carry.

Unfortunately, some people find that they just get too hot when running in them. In fact, some runners find them so uncomfortable that they would rather get wet. Because they are specifically made for runners they tend to be more comfortable than a regular shell jacket. But, they are not cheap, so if you can borrow a friend’s a couple of times before buying one, do so.

A hat

In the cold weather, a hat is essential. For most people, a beanie or gorro is the right choice. They are soft and lightweight, so can easily be tucked away when you are not using them. You can easily find waterproof versions. If these make you sweat too much, try wearing one made from pure wool. It sounds counter-intuitive, but this natural fabric really does keep you dry and warm while letting your skin breathe.

Glasses or a visor

Running, riding or cycling into rain means that you get a lot of water in your eyes, which makes it quite hard to see clearly. Therefore, wearing a pair of glasses or goggles is usually a good idea. Generally speaking, clear or lightly tinted glasses are best. It is also wise to buy the anti-fog kind.

Beware of chafing

winter workout gear

Chafing can happen at any time, but some people are more prone to it in the rain or cold weather. That is why you need to be particularly careful to choose clothes that have good wicking properties. If you find it helps, rub petroleum jelly or another sort of lube on your problem areas.

Avoid cotton

In the wet, you are generally better off avoiding traditional wicking fabrics like cotton. They act like a sponge and soon get soaked, heavy and very uncomfortable. In the rain, man-made, lightweight, effective wicking fabrics are generally best.

The right footwear

Investing in a good pair of waterproof trainers makes a lot of sense. Be especially careful to make sure that they fit properly. This article tells you exactly how to buy a pair of athletic shoes that fit your feet and provides enough support for you to avoid blisters.