Gaming is a past time millions of people do every day. Whether it’s on your phone, with a controller in your hand, or in front of a computer screen gaming can be done practically anywhere. But did you know that gaming can kill your relationships? I’m not talking about only your significant other. I’m talking about friends. I’m talking about family. Heck, I’m even talking about your pet. Gaming can become an addiction. But to first understand the addiction I wanted to break down the different types of gamers. Do you fit into one of these categories?

console gamerThe Console Gamer: It doesn’t matter if they own one gaming console or they own multiple gaming consoles. If you or someone you know spends the majority of their time in front of a TV with a gaming controller then this is the category you or your loved one fits into. These are the gamers most people think of when it comes to gamers. Think the stereotypical guy or girl on the couch with a controller in their hand. Thanks to PC gaming, console gaming has become social. Now there are online marketplaces for gamers to download content. A good majority of games can be played multiplayer online or offline. My ex, a console gamer, would spend hours with his in real life friends playing matches of his favorite first person shooter.

The PC Gamer: PC Gaming, even though it can be seen as a very social (more on that later) it is one of the most isolating types of gaming out there. Thanks to Facebook there are really two different types of PC Gamers. You have those that play social PC Games like Farmville. Then you have PC Gamers who play regular ol’ PC Games. You may think spending endless hours on your farm is social but what that game has done has kept you glued to your computer monitor. I’ve been there. I get it. In high school I use to spend at least 8 hours a day leveling up my Priestess. It’s quite honestly a surprise I graduated high school. I was that addicted. After high school is when social gaming really began taking off. For awhile I use to play endless hours of Restaurant City.

The Mobile Gamer: This type of gamer is new, relatively speaking, to the gaming world. Thanks to social gaming and technology the same addictive social games that were once exclusive to Facebook are very easily available with the the tap of your screen. Thanks to social gaming you’re able to play these addictive games on touch screen devices and smart phones. The mobile gamer can be found ANYWHERE playing a game. You don’t have to be stuck in front of a computer monitor or a couch. You can literally game anywhere a touch screen device can be taken to.pc gamer

Gaming addiction is as real as any other addiction. Thanks to technology gaming can be helpful, but it can hurt relationships too. You might not quite understand how exactly gaming addiction effects relationships but it is very real. The stories of video games hurting marriages are very real. I am a prime example of missing work and school just to play a game. I use to be afraid of admitting I had an addiction but I’ve personally gotten over it. It can be crippling to defeat this addiction because gaming is so widespread now. I promise you there is much more to life than a computer game. Humans weren’t created to only vegetate in front of a game. Once a person realizes they have an addiction it’s best to get support from your friends and family. Maybe you’ll have to sell your stuff to break the addiction. If you do it isn’t a complete loss. You’ll get money back to purchase more meaningful things. For example: You decide to take up painting to replace your gaming. If you aren’t ready to part with your gaming just yet it’s alright. Don’t hesitate in reaching out for help from a loved one even if it is only your pet. If you do decide to eventually sell your stuff there are websites like Music Magpie where you can sell your gaming devices and get cash back instantly. There is life outside of games. Don’t miss out on relationships because your character or farm needs to be tended to.desiree morris

About the Author: Desiree Morris is a stay at home mom and blogger behind The Miracle Momma. Originally starting out as a blog to discuss the effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from the Joplin Tornado, The Miracle Moma has grown into a resource for women looking for recipes, reviews, tutorials, and much more.

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