Who really has it together, anyway?

December 10, 2010

I have in my head this image of what a perfect family and perfect home looks like, but mine certainly has a long ways to go. Who has the time??
You know how when you go to visit a friend – their house seems to be all together? Perfectly spotless, a place for everything?? They even have perfect bathrooms: with lavender soaps and creams – bubbles near the tub – and even the top of the line sensitive skincare items that make even their faces flawless.  Yes, they have kids – but those kids must not play or get into anything. There is zero chance that cooking actually happens in that beautifully sparkled up kitchen! Where’s the mess??

Then you come home – and stumble through your front door with your arms full, trip over the rug that was most recently used as a hiding place for your sons trains; realize that there is no free counter space to set the groceries down; dishes are over-flowing in the sink; the pile of laundry that you found the time to do three days ago still needs to be organized and put away; there’s a mess of books scattered across the living room floor; a tricycle sitting in the hallway… oh I could go on and on…
I often find myself pondering what those houses look like when life is actually happening; when they don’t know that company is coming over! Would it look anything like my place? Or are there really moms out there that have it all together all the time?


  1. Oh, I want to come to your house! It sounds just like mine.

  2. Haha, I love that photo! I can't imagine any family with kids that has a spotless house 24/7.

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