Who Really gets a Car for Christmas?

December 30, 2011

I’ve often wondered in the past when watching TV commercials and whatnot around the holidays about all those car commercials that talk about the spouse buying a car as a gift… or giving your child a gift of a brand new car for whatever occasion?


I mean – I know it happens… but I always wondered about WHO it happens to, because for real, do you know anyone who went to a car dealership and got or gave someone a brand spankin’ new car as a Christmas Present?

I’m thinking that it only happens within the rich folk.  I mean… I grew up going to a High School that had a parking lot filled with Beamers and Mercedes vehicles, and I’m sure mommy and daddy got them for them – and maybe even for Christmas..  but I’ve never really thought about it even being close to reality for me.

When I got my license, I didn’t head to the nearest Dodge dealership to get myself a new car – I got a hand-me-down from my brother, who got that hand-me-down from my mom… who bought it and used it for several years before that.  It had holes in the floor of the car and shook so bad sometimes that it would loosen the battery connection and in the middle of driving down the freeway the car would shut off.

So that’s why I loved that commercial this year where the man is standing in front of a car asking if you’re a millionaire – and if you’re not? Then you’re probably not going to be giving a car for Christmas… But then he’s gifting that car to his niece.. ha!  I wish I was his niece!



  1. We got a car for Christmas once! It was really a sporty vehicle. My FIL was so nice to get us it–he was such a big spender that year. Too bad we couldn’t fit in it–it was a Hot Wheels! LOL

  2. LOL…This post cracked me up!I actually got a Mercedes E350 for my birthday in 2009. But…I was driving a Mitsubishi Eclipse which I loved more than anything, and I was pregnant. There would be no way I’d be able to comfortably fit my oldest child and a baby in that car! So I knew I had to trade my car in. I was not happy at all, and was hormonal and sobbing at the dealership. They thought I was nuts to cry over an Eclipse when I was getting a Mercedes,lol. I should mention, though, it was a 2006 (not new) and not just a “because I love you” present. It’s a great car, and very safe….But I STILL wish I had my old car!

  3. Hehe while it’s not exactly what you meant, Hubby and I did gift ourselves a new truck this year. But that was a mutual decision between us as a couple, like any other vehicle purchase, it just happened to work out that we were able to make it happen on Christmas Eve

    • Yeah – Well see – that’s probably more the smart way to do it though too! I mean – If you need a car, and it happens to be around Christmas – then its a Christmas gift. But just buying a car for someone ELSE (not in your immediate family)for a random gift as a Christmas present is really what I’m getting at here – it’s crazy!
      But I’m sure it happens… A Lot, even. Otherwise they wouldn’t spend the $ promoting it to happen.

  4. priscilla l says:

    This post made me laugh so hard, because it’s true. Who really buys a car for someone else???

  5. Before I retired, I pretty much bought my ex a new car every other Christmas. I got a new car from her every other year on my birthday in July…

    In 1995 or 1996, I think, it was a Honda…

    The whole new car thing, what a colossal waste of money… LOL

    I’ll take my 5 year old Toyota pickup without payments, any day!

    • Wow! That’s a lot of new cars!! Yeah… I like my ’99 Acura (which really doesn’t look THAT old, and shocks people when we say its a ’99…) and well, my husband doesn’t really care about his 2002 Mazda, but it runs, and we don’t owe anything! Here’s hoping for another 5 years of them running 😉

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