What makes our home… a Home

January 17, 2012

We bought this house almost a year ago.  Right away we knew this house was much larger than our tiny condo – and we would be separating our small amounts of furniture among two living rooms and a separate large dining room – plus we have four bedrooms now instead of two. 

This photo was taken a few weeks after getting set up in our new home.. DSC07456_thumb[1]

The big thing we noticed was that we lacked decoration.  We needed something to make this house feel like a Home – but because I was anti-decoration in our tiny condo (for some strange reason) we had a long way to go to be ‘homey’.

But it’s getting there now!!


A big thing that we had to invest in was some silk plants.  They’re not exactly inexpensive – but when good ones are purchased,  they sure do make for a beautiful home – and it takes up the dead space that otherwise looks like something is MISSING!


I am always on the lookout for things that go on the wall or otherwise add color to a drab space.  I still have several more rooms to decorate in this home.

I recently got this beautiful plant below from www.silkplantsdirect.com – but I haven’t cleared out all of our Christmas decorations yet to find a place for it.  I know it will go perfectly with the rest of the decorations!

 DSC01967_thumb[1] DSC01968_thumb[1]

This particular plant is so pretty I had to have it right away.  I love how it’s sort of wispy but still has a masculine side to it –which makes it an acceptable decorative piece in our home – and it’s sturdy too, so it should last us quite some time.

What types of things do you have on your walls?  Do you use silk plants to help add life to your home?



  1. I have like two pictures and then a few candle sconces on our walls. It’s pitiful! I really need to get more done in the decorating department. We’re probably going to be painting everything except the nursery soon (since it’s been painted recently) and then hopefully I can find decorative items that will coordinate well!

  2. I have always been big on decorating…my new thing is wall decals and they are slowly showing up in everyroom in our house…

  3. I love the floating shelves. I want to do something like that for the nursery!

  4. Do you want to come a decorate my house?? lol I really don’t decorate.

  5. Skye Moyer says:

    I have never used silk plants- but I have been using canvas art to spruce up my walls 🙂
    I love your green plant- but I think the tulip one is absolutely horrendous.

    • Really?!! I love the tulips!! Even my husband loves them!

      I do love my stems in the vase- though it was really quite expensive.. but worth it. There’s red bamboo sticks coming out of it as well… which you can’t really see.

  6. I love the flower picture and the clock. It makes a big different just adding a clock to the wall, doesn’t it?
    Maybe I should try some silk plants. I hate to buy real ones because they die.

    • No kidding! I can’t keep a live plant alive for the life of me… silk all the way 😀 Just don’t get cheap silk – because cheap silk looks fake. It’s nice when people have to ask you if it’s real or touch it to see if it’s real 😀
      I’ve got a few more good silk plants too that I just don’t have pictures up of yet.

  7. Plants can make such a huge difference and those look great! I love the artwork and shelves too 🙂

  8. I love that corner with the plant and the clock on your wall…very elegant!
    I don’t have any silk plants right now, but I’ve been wanting to get some…

  9. I’ve never had a silk plant… Worry about the kids messing it up! Yours look great though. Have you had issues with the kids messing with them?

  10. You have done a great job with the decorating! I like the silk plant idea! I am no good at keeping plants alive. Hubby likes to have rel plants around so it’s his job to water them. I forget! It’d be nice to have a pretty silk flower around to add color but not have to worry about it! 🙂

  11. Gladys Parker says:

    I love the wall flower art. It looks much more homey. You will get the rest done,it often seems to take a little time but the best things are out there waiting 🙂 I won a wall decal (I had no idea about these before.) I choose the Home is Family and I just love it! I also have a lot of pictures on my walls. We don’t have much but we have each other and pictures lol
    Gladys P

  12. I love your wall decorations! Definitely makes it feel like home. I think painting the walls makes me feel like I’m “home”.

  13. Lisa brown says:

    Love the flower arrangement. 🙂

  14. I’ve never really used silk plants for decor. I love fresh flowers though!

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