What Kind of Ring do you have??

December 31, 2011

Joe and I met just before my 2nd year of college.  I was infatuated with his good looks and timid attitude.  We fell in love and were married not much than a year later..  In fact, we were married 2 days after my 20th birthday.

We didn’t have a lot of money then because we were both in college – so We both got each other the least expensive (but decent) rings that we could find – with the probability of upgrading in the future.

We picked out our rings together, and got a really nice one picked out for Joe.  At the time, they didn’t have tungsten wedding bands (as far as I knew!) and so we got him a nice white gold one.

I’m thinking it was several months before our 5 year anniversary that we went back and looked at rings again.  I wanted either an upgraded center diamond, or a new band – and he really wanted to check out the tungsten bands because several of our married friends were talking about how cool their rings were.


I did end up getting a band for my ring – but Joe decided that he liked his original ring better, because it had more sentimental value to him – and should he ever lose his ring, then he would probably look at the mens tungsten online stores and find himself a ring there.

DSC02244Meanwhile – I go back and forth about the necessity of changing out my diamonds.  They have sentimental value to me – but they’re kinda tiny.  It just seems with all of our other struggles financially that it would be silly to get a new diamond at this point.  But I definitely love the look of some of the newer rings out there…

My ideal wedding ring?? It’s *Only* $30,000!! Winking smileimage

Would you change out your wedding band diamonds, or get a new ring all together? Or are they too sentimental to you?alogo4


  1. I don’t get too sentimental about jewelry, so I would definitely swap out my ring someday.
    i’d like to have something handcrafted by an artisan. Right now, I just have a brushed tungsten band, but I do really like it!

  2. Mine does have sentimental value, but hubby is already planning on replacing mine with something bigger, so I won’t complain! 🙂

  3. I am way too sentimental to ever change mine. Besides, hubby kinda went all out already with the original one. He says he wants to get me a bigger, better one eventually, but seriously, any bigger than I have would be getting a little too blingy for me! 😉

  4. I really like yours! Yes, it’s smaller than some, but it’s very pretty.

  5. Mary Beth Elderton says:

    Hubz and I have matching Titanium bands. Our first rings were Tungsten, but we were both allergic!

  6. I could never change mine. I don’t even know how hubby managed to get it for me since we were beyond broke when he proposed. Mine’s a really simple white gold band with a diamond solitaire. It’s actually a tiny bit bigger than I would have picked (and than he would have gotten–his mom pressured him to go bigger, apparently). But this is the ring he proposed to me with! It wouldn’t feel right to change it later. Like saying he wasn’t good enough to marry, but I did it anyway knowing he’d upgrade later.

    • Yeah – That’s kind of my feeling about it too though – I go back and forth – Like… maybe I want a cuter one – but I do have a sentimental attachment to the first one. I could for sure never ‘trade-in’ this ring.
      I had a friend once who separated from her husband for almost a year, and when they got back together again, she traded in for a new (way better) ring as sort of a ‘redo’ ring? I duno. If you’ve got the money – I mean, it’s probably more stable of an investment in diamonds and gold than in the market!! hhaha!
      But. We don’t have that kind of money, so it’s not really an option for us.

  7. My husband and I went and picked out my engagement ring together and it was *EXACTLY* what I wanted! Our wedding bands were just plain gold, though. We plan on upgrading our bands at some point, but I won’t get rid of my engagement ring. It was perfect and it has sentimental value as well. ~CbtD~

  8. My ring is VERY sentimental. I am the 4th generation to wear it 🙂 Thank goodness my great-great aunt had awesome taste! It doesn’t show its age at all. Everyone thinks it is new and fake, because hubby and I got married in high school and there is no way he could have paid for it! Hubby got a new tungsten ring and he loves it. I think it is kinda silly that we researched his ring so much and never thought about mine. lol

  9. ongelique navarre says:

    My ring is spechil 🙂 because my stepmom gave to me and i love her sooo much it is flowes,purple,and shiney what would get your stepchild or child ?

  10. When I got married to my first husband, I inherited my mom’s wedding ring(which was my grandma’s before that). My mom had to replace the diamond twice because it was so small. When I got it, I got a bigger stone which made it easier to see, so I wouldn’t lose it. I took the old diamond and put it in a pendant and gave it to my mother.

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