What is student insurance?

July 31, 2012

Student insurance is a growing market now that people have begun to realise the sheer cost of their electronic gadgetry.  Students, in parallel with most other segments of modern society are privileged to the world of expensive electronic gimmickry, as a means of completing their coursework or in order to keep in touch with the outside world.  Due to the mobile nature of a student’s existence they are often more susceptible to costly pitfalls in terms of damage theft or loss of goods.

Whereas most of the working world is confined to the office space or the journey home from work, a student is constantly moving between lecture halls, living spaces, libraries and student unions.  This all contributes to an added element of danger when it comes to ensuring the safety of costly possessions.

Large insurance industry players such as Endsleigh will now insure student’s items against damage or loss, with the latter being an option definitely worth considering.  We’ve come to accept that student contents insurance needs to cover the gadgets that we carry with us on our person and student insurance has a particular strength in this department.  Living the student lifestyle means loss of possessions can be common, whether it be house keys or the ever precious mobile phone.

Many students will enter student life with expensive musical instruments which are always prone to damage.  Ring fence your most valuable items with a highly tailored policy in which you can neglect the things you feel you can risk and cover the things you treasure.

The simultaneous loss of a phone and a laptop will regularly amount to a figure over the thousand pound mark.  Recognise this now and you could save a fortune in the cost of replacing these items should the worst occur.  Insurance is about legislating for the worst and in doing so it brings peace of mind, for parents and students alike; a good student insurance policy means one less thing to worry about when entering student life.



  1. Vickie Couturier says:

    Good ideal,,didnt know they have insurance for that for kids electronics

  2. This is a great idea I have to check this out my daughter goes to college in the fall.

  3. I have never heard of this! Especially surprising is the thought of a musical instrument being damaged or stolen. they certainly do not come cheap. Thanks for the info Amy!

  4. It’s first time I hear about it. I think it’s really good idea

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